Fort Canning Park

By Sanya Lokur

What Is Fort Canning Park?

Fort Canning Park is huge landmark in Singapore history. It is located on a high hill. It has been around for centuries and is still there! Fort Canning still has trails from the 1400s! Fort Canning Is very famous for it's many gifts from mother nature. This park has been a memorial site in Singapore for a very long time.

How Fort Canning Changed

Over time, Fort Canning changed to a place where many roam around and take walks in. It used to be a place where many important people in history. Now it is a park to have a good time in. Back then, only the royals could ascend the hill. Now, whoever wants to can go up. In World War ll, Fort Canning held many military buildings.

Fort Canning Now

Now, Fort Canning holds many shakespeare plays and music concerts as well. Fort Canning is visited very often by many people, there are many beautiful things to see there. People Come here to watch concerts, see plays or just to hang with friends.

Fort Canning

Different People Associated With Fort Canning

The Malay Kings were buried at fot canning and built there palace there as well.

Sir Stamford Raffles built his bungalow at fort canning as well.

History Of Fort Canning

Fort Canning was once the sacred burial ground of the malay kings. Back then it was known as Bukit Larangan which means (Forbidden Hill). It was named the "forbidden Hill" because villagers were forbidden to ascend the hill. There was also a forbidden stream where the consort and the king's wife were to bathe in it. The name "Goverment Hill" was used after Raffles built his house in it. Later, the fort was renamed after Viscount George Canning, Canning was the Governer/General and the first Viceroy of India from 1857 to 1862.It was then on known as "Fort Canning hill."

Good Things And Bad Things About Fort Canning

Some of the good things about fort are that they have very good places to find out about history. It is perfect for people who like plants, Some bad things are that it's not really a park where you can play. It is mostly for plantlife. It is a historical site.
Fort Canning was also the place where they established the Botanic Gardens. They also surrendered to the japanese there.

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