Square Up to RTI2

September, 2017

"You're off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting,

so get on your way!" ~ Dr. Seuss

Aspen RTI2 Student Plan Management

Below you will find a recording of the Aspen Refresher Webinar conducted on Aug. 28th. The webinar walks you through the process of creating and managing RTI Student Plans. You will learn about entering fidelity checks and progress reporting, as well as printing a student plan. The video recording lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

RTI2 Intervention

Tier 2

Tier 2 addresses the needs of struggling and advanced students. It is recommended that the majority of the intervention is through direct instruction and that intentional teaching strategies are used to pinpoint specific skill gaps for students. For those doing a computer program, students should still have daily interaction with a teacher who can hold them accountable and further assist students in closing the gap.

Tier 3

Tier 3 interventions are more intensive than Tier 2. Students at this level should receive daily, intensive, small group, or individualized intervention targeting specific area(s) of deficit. The most effective way to do this is through direct instruction. For those doing a computer program, students should still have daily interaction with a teacher who can hold them accountable and further assist students in closing the gap.

When students are not showing progress in an intervention, we must dig deeper to determine why. The change should directly affect the area that is an obstacle for the student to responding positively in closing their skill gaps.

Listed below are intervention menus for reading and mathematics.

Reading Intervention Menu

Mathematics Intervention Menu

Parent Brochure

The RTI2 parent flyer provides an overview of support for students through the RTI2 process. This flyer can be shared with teachers and parents who may have questions about the intervention process. You can access the flyer here: Parent Flyer

RTI2 Reminders

  • Benchmarking dates: Fall- August 23-September 8; Winter- December 1-20
  • Please remember to send home the benchmarking letter to all students who were screened. The letter is provided for both AIMSweb and STAR (English and Spanish)
AIMSweb Screening Letter- English

AIMSweb Screening Letter- Spanish

STAR Screening Letter- English

STAR Screening Letter- Spanish

  • Our next Aspen webinar is scheduled for Thursday, September 7, from 4:00-5:30 and will focus on Field Sets and Quick Reports. Register on RANDA

RTI2 Practices Across Tennessee

During the 2016-2017 school year the Tennessee Department of Education visited several schools across the state observing their RTI2 practices. The included link gives you access to the videos, including one from our own Karns High School.

Follow this link to access videos.

AIMSweb Survey Level Assessment

For students who are continuing intervention and progress monitoring from last year a new survey level assessment is NOT required. It is a best practice to assess for a present level at their monitored grade level. Students entering intervention this year will need to have a survey level assessment completed to identify independent and instructional levels.

Universal Screening Percentile Ranking Sheet

A useful tool for analyzing student results is through the Universal Screening Percentile Ranking sheet. This one page document provides a visual of where students fall between the 1st and 99th percentiles. It can provide guidance in tier 1 and help with creating small groups. The sheet can be found here.

RTI2 Coaches and School Assignments

Peggy Burkey peggy.burkey@knoxschools.org

Halls Elementary; Halls Middle; Halls High; Gibbs Elementary; Gibbs High; Ritta Elementary; Brickey-McCloud Elementary; Sterchi Elementary; Copper Ridge Elementary; Corryton Elementary; Richard Yoakley

Jan Coopwood jan.coopwood@knoxschools.org

Cedar Bluff Elementary; Cedar Bluff Middle; Karns Elementary; Karns Middle; Karns High; Hardin Valley Elementary; Hardin Valley Academy; A.L. Lotts Elementary; West Hills Elementary; Ridgedale; L & N Stem Academy

Karla Halcomb karla.halcomb@knoxschools.org

Austin-East High; Fulton High; South Doyle High; West High; Central High; Vine Middle; Career Magnet Academy

Mary Lyster mary.lyster@knoxschools.org

Maynard Elementary; Beaumont Elementary; West View Elementary; Inskip Elementary; Farragut Primary; Norwood Elementary; Sequoyah Elementary; Bearden Elementary; Ball Camp Elementary; Blue Grass Elementary; Amherst Elementary; Northwest Middle

Christine Pope christine.pope@knoxschools.org

Powell Elementary; Powell Middle; Powell High; Pleasant Ridge Elementary; Carter Elementary; Carter Middle; Carter High; East Knox County Elementary; Fountain City Elementary; Shannondale

Paula Sarver, Lead RTI2 Coach paula.sarver@knoxschools.org

Sarah Moore Greene Academy; Lonsdale Elementary; Green Magnet Academy; KAEC; Dr. Paul Kelly Volunteer Academy

Heidi Swaney heidi.swaney@knoxschools.org

Northshore Elementary; Rocky Hill Elementary; South Knox Elementary; Gap Creek Elementary; Bonny Kate Elementary; New Hopewell Elementary; Mooreland Heights Elementary; Mt. Olive Elementary

Bethany Underwood bethany.underwood@knoxschools.org

West Valley Middle; Holston Middle; Farragut Middle; Farragut High; Bearden Middle; Bearden High; South Doyle Middle; Whittle Springs Middle; Gresham Middle

Jennifer Yow jennifer.yow@knoxschools.org

Chilhowee Intermediate; Belle Morris Elementary; Spring Hill Elementary; Adrian Burnett Elementary; Christenberry Elementary; Sunnyview Primary; Dogwood Elementary; West Haven Elementary; Farragut Intermediate; Pond Gap Elementary