Summer of Science

Ride in lake Michigan


The way this relates to science is the way gravity works how it pulls down the boat rather then hitting a wave and floating up. and we used a water tube as well and while the boat was going the way it moved and pulled on the boat with every sharp turn and jump. and when we hit the jump i could feel the boat being pulled back down to its place.
My favorite thing of going on the boat was after we finished eating we took out the raft and we decided to for a ride around i almost flew out it was so bumpy. and at one point we even got a little air gravity wasn't pulling very hard at that point. and it was fun see everyone else getting rocked around and bumped it was so fun. Im glad gravity pulls down or we would still be floating down in the raft.
I love dinosaurs, science and video games. I like science because there is so much to find and explore with science cool experiments and just the facts and how you can learn about how every thing works. Im very outgoing as my parents say i am very imaginative and i hate spiders really bad.