Mrs. Schettone's News!

Welcome Back! Week of January 4th-8th

Getting Back to Work!

This week, we got right back down to business and were busy bees completing all of our work! Take a look at all the great things we accomplished in Language Arts, Math, and Science/Social Studies!

In Language Arts, we....
  • learned about the concept of verbs! We reviewed what a noun and adjective both were and then we learned that a verb is an action! We read "Curious George Goes to the Aquarium" and we identified all of the actions that Curious George showed! We then created our very own "Super Action Hero"! We designed what we would look like as a superhero and then we identified six verbs/actions our superhero would do!
  • learned about the concepts of short and long /a/! We read "That Cat Max" and we identified many short /a/ words found in the story. We then made our own list of short /a/ words and completed several practice activities! Next, we read "Jake and Jane's Great Race" and we identified many long /a/ words found in the story. We then made our own list of long /a/ words and completed several practice activities!
  • learned the sight words "she, with, and me." We completed several word work activities using these words and we also completed a sight word rainbow writing in our journals!
  • learned about pandas! On Monday, we read the concept book "Pandas Grow Up" and students made a web illustrating four activities that pandas do! Afterwards, they wrote a sentence explaining each of their illustrations! On Tuesday, we read the big book "Little Panda." We learned our new amazing words and saw actual photographs of the first year of a baby pandas life! Afterwards, students wrote about one thing the baby panda did with his mother during that first year! On Friday, students completed a cloze (fill in the blank) writing about pandas an illustrated a panda scene! Finally, we took a virtual field trip on the Smithsonian Website to the Giant Panda Cam where we could live stream footage of the mom and baby panda found at the zoo in Washington D.C! Visit the Giant Panda Cam at home!!
  • We had reading groups and literacy centers! Students focused on long and short /a/ activities, sight word activities, and worked on literacy concepts on the ipad and computer!

In Math, we....

  • Reviewed Chapter 4 concepts of composing and decomposing numbers 4-10!
  • We took our Chapter 4 Math Test and ROCKED IT!
  • We were introduced to Chapter 5 (addition)! We learned about our new vocabulary and took our Chapter 5 "Am I Ready" Pre-Test!

In Science/Social Studies, we....

  • learned about Animal Habitats! On Monday, we learned about the Ocean Habitat! We read "Big Al", "Swimmy", and "A House for Hermit Crab." Students then completed a land/ocean animal sort identifying the different types of animals we would find in the ocean and on land. We then watched "The Magic School Bus Takes a Dive" on Discovery Education to learn more about animals in the ocean habitat!
  • On Tuesday, we learned about the arctic habitat! We read "The Magic School Bus Goes into the Arctic" and then we read the emergent read "Who Lives in the Arctic" together. We learned about many different animals that live in the arctic! Students then completed the arctic page of their biome booklet!
  • On Wednesday, we read "The Great Kapok Tree" and watched "The Magic School Bus Goes Into the Rainforest" to learn about what the rainforest habitat looks like and the types of animals that we would find there! Students then identified one animal they would find in the rainforest habitat and completed the rainforest page of their biome booklet!
  • On Thursday, we learned about the desert habitat! We read the book "Desert", watched a brainpop video about the desert, and also watched "The Magic School Bus All Dried Up" to learn about the different animals that live in the desert and how they survive in such hot and dry conditions! Students then completed the desert page of their biome booklet!
  • On Friday, we learned about the forest/grassland/swamp habitat! We read the books "Forest" and "In the Grasslands" to learn about the animals we would find in both places and what each habitat is made up of! We then watched "The Magic School Bus Gets Swamped" to learn about the animals we would find in swamp lands in the forest. Students then completed the forest and grassland pages of their biome booklets!

We are Caring! Character Counts for January!

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On Wednesday, we all dressed down and wore read because Pre-Kindergarten taught us about the character trait of Caring! Mr. Alaxson read us the book "Stick and Stone" and taught us ways to be caring at home, school. and in our community! He also challenged each student to be a part of his caring club! If students are showing outstanding caring characteristics, they will be added to the GIANT CARING PAW PRINT outside of his classroom! If their name is added to this paw print, they are officially a part of his caring club! I will be sending new paw prints home this week, so please be on the look out for them! On Friday, students completed a caring writing sharing one way that they can be caring! Students then illustrated their writing and this will be hung in our classroom tomorrow! Please be sure to check it out! At any time, please feel free to fill out a paw print to share how your child is being caring at home! They will be recognized at Pride time on Wednesdays!
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What will we be doing this week??

  • Short /e/ and long /e/
  • Continuation of verbs
  • Sight Word: went
  • Concept Book: Growing Up
  • Big Book: Little Quack
  • Comprehension Skill: Plot
  • Writing: Compare and Contrast us as babies to Kindergartners!
  • Math: Chapter 5 (Addition)
  • Social Studies: Diversity and Martin Luther King Jr!
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  • Please send in a baby picture of your child by Tuesday! This will be returned to you once our writing is complete! Please feel free to print a picture as well!
  • There will be no school on Monday, January 18th for MLK Day!
  • First Grade Look Ahead Night is Wednesday, January 27th! Please RSVP to Ms. Monteiro at if you are able to attend!
  • Barnes and Noble Night will be held at the Exton Barnes and Nobel Friday, February 5th!
  • Lemonciello Dining Night will be held Thursday, February 11th at Lemonciello Chester Springs!
  • CBA 1st-5th grade will be singing the National Anthem at the Harlem Globetrotters Game on March 6th! If you are interested in going, please purchase tickets using the order form that came home on Thursday!