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HEB ISD Superintendent's Message - End of 5th Six Weeks (Spring 2020)

Grading Guidelines & More

The Texas Education Agency expects schools to continue providing instruction that will help students master grade-level skills. In HEB ISD, we aim to implement instruction with awareness of the diverse challenges our families may be facing.

We've created these standard grading guidelines for our teachers and students. These guidelines ensure that everyone is aligned, working toward the same expectations during our school closure. All students' activities will receive feedback based on the same criteria, so families with multiple students will not have to learn and follow multiple standards.

Remember to find helpful information in two central locations on our HEB ISD website:

Elementary - Week 4 Updates

As we begin our final six weeks of learning, we thank you for your support with the rapid move to remote learning and for answering our calls to pick up learning materials, supplies and technology devices.

  • Out of our 13,297 elementary students, staff have made contact with 13,139 students. That is 99% of our elementary students!!! And, six of our elementary campuses have made contact with all of their students.

  • Report Cards will be available next Thursday, April 23, 2020. Students in PK will not receive a report card. Teachers in grades K-1 will email a copy of the report card and report cards for students in grades 2-6 will be available as usual in the Home Access Center. Please contact your child’s teacher or the campus principal if you have questions or concerns.

Secondary - Week 4 Updates

We are excited to report that we have made contact with all but 58 of our 10,301 junior high/high school students; that is over 99%! Thank you families for helping us to continue education during the COVID-19 closure.

Reports cards for the 5th six weeks will be available in Home Access Center (HAC) on Thursday, April 23, 2020.

The board passed a resolution concerning secondary grading, final exams, and grade point averages. Below you will find details.

Secondary Grades, Final Exams, GPA, and Transcripts (Approved 4.13.2020)

  • Students to Receive Pass/Fail Grades - Based on the amended Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District (HEB ISD) Grading Guidelines, students will be graded using a Pass or Fail criteria during the COVID-19 closure. This includes the 5th and 6th six weeks for the 2019-2020 school year. Grades will be posted in Home Access Center.

  • Transcript Grades - The 5th and 6th six-week grades (100% or 69%) will show up on the transcript, but will not be calculated into Grade Point Average (GPA). These grades will be included for institutions, such as NCAA or Post-Secondary, which look at transcript grades to calculate their own GPA for admission purposes.

  • State Mandated Tests - The Texas Education Agency canceled the 2020 STAAR and End-of-Course STAAR exams.

  • All Final Exams are Risk Free - Administration of final exams during this time of school closure is left to teacher discretion. HEB ISD has announced all final exams this year will be risk free. If a student chooses to take a final exam, the exam grade can only improve the student’s opportunity to earn a passing score for the semester or trimester.

  • Senior Class Rank - Due to GPA being suspended during the COVID-19 closure, senior class rank will be based on the last grades prior to conversion to remote learning. For the 2019-2020 academic year only, the top 10, Salutatorian, and Valedictorian will be calculated on grades through the 2nd trimester, ending the 4th six weeks. This means the Pass/Fail grading plan adopted by HEB ISD during the closure has no bearing on the Class of 2020 and individual class rank.

  • Underclassmen Maintain GPA - The closure caused by COVID-19 is unprecedented for area school districts. There has been extensive discussion and collaboration about how to handle grades during remote learning. We reviewed factors such as the district’s swift move to remote learning, teacher and student experience in remote learning, and student access to devices and Wi-Fi. In the end, we decided the most equitable decision is to suspend GPA during the COVID-19 closure.

    High School – HEB ISD is suspending GPA for underclassmen after the 2nd trimester (4th six weeks) for this year only. The 100% or 69% earned during the 3rd trimester will appear on the transcript, but will not affect the student's total GPA.

    Junior High – HEB ISD is suspending GPA for underclassmen after the 1st semester (3rd six weeks) for this year only. The 100% or 69% earned during the 2nd semester will appear on the transcript, but will not affect the student's total GPA.

    These measures ensure all underclassmen maintain their GPA or class rank to avoid negative consequences caused by the COVID-19 closures. We want to minimize the effect closure has on a student's grade point average or class rank. The intent of maintaining the current GPA is to reduce the stress and worry this extended closure might cause students and their parents.

Celebrations #HEBISDPROUD

  • Child Nutrition served 14,236 meals to 3,559 students yesterday. The next meal pick-up will be on Monday, April 20, 2020.

  • Congratulations to Harwood Junior High for once again earning the honor of National School To Watch! The Schools to Watch selection process is based on a written application that requires schools to show how they continued to meet rigorous criteria developed by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform for the past three years.

  • Campus teachers of the year are being showcased for the next three weeks on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t miss a chance to celebrate our amazing Teachers of the Year.
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