By:Chrisi Price


  • quality and intensity of emotional reactions
~ including passivity, irritability, and activity patterns

Passivity ~ how actively involved in surrondings

Irritability ~ tendency to feel stress

Activity patterns ~ level of movement


  • strong emotional conection that develops between people
~ mothers, fathers, caregivers, or older siblings

Separation anxiety ~ child protesting the leaving of caregiver

**starts around 6 months

**becomes very present 9-18 months

**15 months is the tipping point

Changes over time

Birth-3 months~

  • very refined emotions (general excitement & distress)
3 months-6 months~

  • respond with laughter and smiles
6 months-12 months~

  • express happiness, joy, and surprise
12 months-24 months~

  • separation anxiety, very curious