News from Room 17!

Whew! What a week!

Learning Routines and Working Together

As school began, we had many new routines and procedures to cover. From walking in the hall, turning in our work, to where we play at recess, there was a lot to learn! An important part of second grade is working together as a team. We began the year with an activity I call "toothpaste". We worked with our team to get as much of the toothpaste back in the tube as possible, using only a straw, and q-tip! In the end, we realized by listening to each others ideas and working cooperatively, we could be the most successful. We also learned a valuable lesson: that our words are like the toothpaste, and what comes out of our mouths we can never get fully back in, and so to think very carefully about what we say and speak kindly to each other.


Our special schedule is:

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Gym ~wear sneakers!

Wednesday: Art ~ BRING SMOCKS!

Thursday: Music

FRiday: Gym

Let's shoot for 100% art smocks this week!


Our snack break is going well! We usually have snack between 1-2 pm. Please continue to send in healthy, easy , dry snacks! It's a great to refuel in the afternoon!