Relay For Life Scavenger Hunt!

Find the Relay Ribbon

Rules of the Event

You will have seven minutes to find one of the six eggs hidden in each classroom.

There will be no running or pushing during this event

There is a maximum of one egg found per person.

Make sure to pay the entrance fee of 0.25$ before entering the room

The prize for finding an egg will be ten revo.

Once you have found an egg take the ribbon off the back of the egg and clip it to the front. Then clip the entire egg to the top of your shirt so that people can see you have already found an egg.

What are You Looking For?

There are six differently colored ribbons that you will be looking for that represent different kinds of cancer. These ribbons will be hidden in plastic eggs of similar colors. The six ribbons are...

Purple=All Cancers

Gold=Childhood Cancer

White=Lung Cancer

Pink=Breast Cancer

Gray=Brain Cancer