DC Staff Update

3 October 2016

I'm grateful this week for...

The dedication and hard work of all staff since the start of the academic year. This is week 9 of the term, with a further 8 weeks to go after mid-term break until the Christmas holidays.

Congratulations on the wonderful Year 4-6 Swimming Carnival last week, which was so well organised by the primary PE staff.

new challenge

Congratulations to Debbie Tai who has secured a cross-campus role at Wesley College in Melbourne. Debbie will be taking up this position in January and so we are advertising for a Chinese teacher for Terms 2&3, with a view to appointing a permanent Primary Chinese Team Leader for August 2017. While very sad to see Debbie leave, we wish her every success.

Contract renewals

All teaching staff who are finishing their current contract in August next year should have received an email from me last week.

For any teaching staff (end or mid-Contract) who are considering not coming back for the 2017-18 academic year, can you please contact me and let me know what you are thinking. This information, even if you don't end up leaving DC, is really helpful as we start to look at our recruitment needs. For those people who are mid-Contract, a reminder that Friday 9 December is the final date for resigning without any effect on your gratuity.

use of emails

CLT has been discussing recently the use (and overuse) of emails, and are drafting a set of guidelines. We are conscious of the power and convenience of emails, however, feel that they can become overwhelming especially when there are multiple emails to multiple recipients about the same thing (and we are all guilty of this). We also think that there should be consideration in not sending emails in the evenings or over weekends, and that includes this Update.

We are hoping to get something in place for immediately after mid-term break. Some suggestions we have come up with are below, and I am asking you to please email (yes, I know) and send me any other suggestions you may have that you feel could be considered.

  • When sending to a large group, ask the recipients, where appropriate, to please reply only to the sender
  • Think before you hit "reply all"
  • Be selective about who the email goes to
  • No emails over weekends or after 5pm, unless absolutely necessary
  • Considering using alternatives to email e.g. Bulletin notices, articles in the Primary, Secondary, Support Staff or my Update
  • Where possible, talk instead of type - not sending emails if a telephone call or a face to face conversation would be a more appropriate alternative

save the date

Staff drinks on Friday 21 October will include the staff talent showcase. Come along and be surprised at the range of skills and expertise amongst the teachers and support staff.

This week

  • Best wishes to the Y6 team for their camp this coming Tuesday to Friday
  • ISA testing will continue this coming week
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