Meagan Donohue

Born August 19, 1999

"Are we all Lost Stars trying to light up the Dark?" -- "Lost Stars" by Adam Levine

About Me (Meagan Katherine Donohue)

I was born in Columbia, S.C. I have 6 siblings-- 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Two of my sisters attended college-- one went to USC and one went to Clemson. When I was 5, my family and I moved down to Florida, where we stayed for about two and a half years before moving back to S.C. We moved around a few times before settling in Lugoff.

Words to Describe Me

"Please, don't see just a girl caught up in Dreams and Fantasies"

Some words that describe me are dedicated, stubborn, smart, shy, and a quirky.

  • I'm dedicated (not to be confused with stubborn) because when I set my mind to a task or promise, I do my best to accomplish it.
  • I'm quirky because, even though I may seem shy at first glance, I like to joke around and have fun with people who know me well enough. I have very different interests and traits that people may find a little odd. (I prefer quirky instead of weird)

My Hobbies (Favorite things to do)

  • Reading-- Reading has always allowed me to escape from the problems in the world. I feel like I have lived for years just by all of the books I've read.
  • Listen to Music-- Music, to me, is like words of wisdom, spoken in a not-so-boring voice. It captures the attention of anybody and can make the heart beat at the pace of the beat-- metaphorically.
  • Drawing-- I enjoy the creativeness of art. I enjoy artworks that capture the eyes and makes you wonder about the overall picture.
  • Drill-- I enjoyed last semester in drill because-- even though some people made it difficult for the rest of us-- I enjoyed the overall sense of responsibility and discipline that is expected out of everyone.
  • Watching Movies-- Similar to reading, television has the ability to suck someone into another world and leave it in their mind long after the program has ended. They allow the mind to relax by infecting it with whichever story it chooses.

My future

I do not have a solid plan for my life after high school yet. However, I am looking at my options, which include the Clemson School or Architecture... just sayin' :)