Social media

To me media means communication that we are using in our modern society like newspaper, television, and magazines. Media is significantly important with connecting people that we can talk or know each without seeing face to face. I think media is message to me that what we are using media to know what is going on in our life. Without media, I think we can’t even know how the people are living. For example, my parents are checking news every day to see what is going on in the government and president and to check how many green card days are drawn forward for my friend. My friend’s green card is processing right now so they are checking the news (media). In my opinion, media is helping us to find important situation that what is going on in our society.

To me media literate is what people are learning about the media. For instance, my friends are studying for media literate to figure out which media is good for us to connect with people and they are analyzing and discussing about how they can improve the media. Although, all of the media is useful to us, sometime some of the media is not good as other media like newspaper and magazine. New paper and magazine are good for knowing news in our society but it can’t use for communicating with person to person. In my opinion, media literate is including media and literacy that discussing about media. Also it will be good experience to study media so we can have discussing about how we can improve our media.


Coca cola- going all the way SMORE #2

Coca cola in the Super bowl commercial, Coca cola - going all the way, shows that Adrian had a sweet victory while he was doing touchdown in football game. Coca cola supports Adrian's victory by showing Adrian's beatitude like running all the way to the Lambeau field and jumping in that field. Coca cola informs other low self-esteem athletic players that putting effort is really essential to them in order to be successful and raise their self-esteem. The author writes in a humorous tone for any athletic players who have not experience a sweet achievement yet.

Coca-Cola Super Bowl 2014 Ad

plastic surgery satire SMORE #3

Think about how many people that could get easily influenced by changing their faces. plastic surgery emphasizes their satisfying and wanting to be like a barbie. " people gain confidence and experience changed lives with changing faces, yet they do not acknowledge their inner quality remains forever.In some countries, people think it's normal things to do because many people are getting prettier so some people are feeling jealous. if they do not do plastic surgery, then men are consider the women as " not that pretty girl:" than who did plastic surgery. Even though some men said they like natural beauty, they felt so attractive to plastic surgery women. This is so ridiculous!!! . Also women enjoy about playing with men by using their fake faces. However, women have to realize that plastic surgery can negatively affect to their faces like getting fats on some particular places ( cheeks, nose, and eyes). For example, most of the actors in Korea changed their faces with wasting and spending money on plastic surgery, but after few month later their faces got too much got on their cheeks so they looked like balloon faces. Hiding their ugly faces and showing the world a anime eyes, long lashes , a high nose bridge, and narrow chin and cheeks" cannot change their inner quality and cannot get everything that they wanted to have with doing plastic surgery


5 most significant words

1) Practice

2) Piano

3) Pretty

4) Peacefully

5) People

People like to have free time every day. Some particular people like to play at home and plan to sleep or they plan to go outside and hang out with friends in good places. Personally, I like to practice or play music at home like playing flute and piano. The classical music that I listened every day is composed by Paul Pabst, Pablo Luis de and Pacco Roberto. I really admire them!!!so great composers. These composers make me think how the classical music can make people peacefully. People think the music melodies are so pretty to listen. I strongly agree with people’s statements!!. Many types of music like pops, classical, country music make me think how precious things in our society that shares the feeling what is in the music. Also I like to print out my pictures because I thought the pictures will be the good idea to save memories. I love playing instrument and printing out the pictures when I have free time every day so I want people to find what they love to do in their lives!!.

Smore #5 ( historical events )

In the world of our society about 50 years ago, we were struggling because of not providing good opportunity to poverty. Poor education for poverty was not about they have bad teachers, bad principles, and bad student but they do not have money to provide their own needs. About 50 years ago, people thought that the education system for poverty will be getting worse as time goes by. Realistically, it is getting better in this world right now even though public school have rich people and poor people together. People were complaining about helping poor people like textbook, lunch, school activities 50 years ago and they predict that all the public school for poverty will disappeared ,but our society is keep getting better in each year and they are gathering the poor and rich people together. Education is a major institution in most societies. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine any industrialized or industrializing society without a system of schools. In every year, the children are coming to school because public schools are helping them to graduate. Also about 50 years ago, the number of children was decreasing at classroom due to poor education system because the federal educational policy has largely ignored the issue of poverty, with too many school reformers arguing that citing the effects of living in poverty as a big obstacle to achievement in school. The October 2013 Southern Education Foundation study indicates clearly that poverty, which has long been the biggest obstacle to educational achievement, is more important than ever. It is our true 21st century problem. Fifty years ago, we educated mostly working-class kids and up, and we did not expect those at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder to graduate. Now we educate all students, including the very poorest and otherwise disadvantaged. And we expect them all to graduate. Compounding this shift, a large and growing proportion of U.S. students live in poverty and even concentrated poverty, have a disability, and/or are learning English as a second language. That is the paradigm shift, and we need a totally new set of policies to address that 21st century reality. In 2000, students who were eligible for free or reduced-price meals made up at least half of the student body in four states. Just eleven years later, over half of public school students are poor in 17 states, including every Southern state but Virginia and Maryland, and most Western states. These free reduce lunch helped families whose parents are unemployed and little income. Additionally, if children are in free reduced lunch, the schools are providing 2 waiver fee for SAT and ACT and 4 waiver fee for college applications. As time goes by, our education is getting better. Thus, Kids who are living in poverty need more supports that help upper-class children thrive. These include small classes, challenging, rich curriculum, individualized instruction, and supportive responses to emotional and behavioral challenges that help the children to be thrived. Education is fundamental and achieving economic growth in our society. With helping poverty, our world can thrive poor kids to upper class so they can make achievement.


the reason why i chose this topic is because people had hard with studying as poverty so they predict that the education will get worse but it is getting better in this society. i just wanted to tell people that people is cannot predict future.


-Throughout my senior second semester, I have learned lots of things in this class. In this class I learned about social media that makes us interact with other people and having conversation about something. Also, I learned how social media gives us good benefits and bad results. I learned many terms in sentences like satire, sentence structure, ironic. I think I am slowly improving with writing skills due to writing assignments. I felt really thankful to my teacher Mr. Zopf about making improvements about reading and writing. By reading 1984 I learned lots of vocabulary that makes me understand the sentence very clearly.


My senior language art is different than other language arts classes because my freshman, sophomore, and junior language arts teachers were not funny and boring in that class but Mr.ZOpf class is making me laugh every time. Also we were not just reading a book in whole class period; we are watching some videos to help me understand fully. I think our language arts class was most useful class throughout four years because it helps me reading and writing skills with identifying sentence structures. I felt really thankful to my teacher that this will help me a lot in my college year.


I like the way of teaching classes right now but there were lots of work every day. Sometimes I could not handle about every assignment that you gave me to do. The future class students will like you because you are really funny, try to teach easily, and explain the hard meaning as we read the book together. I will do best in order to be successful in college language arts class. Also I will read lots of books in summer break in order to improve my grammar and reading skills. Once again, I felt really thank to you about making improvements.