World Geo Final Review

By Catherine Shurtleff

Actions to stop effects climate change

  • Reducing major greenhouse gas emissions
  • Curbing deforestation
  • Boosting renewable energy sources
  • Cap-and-trade plans

Cause of favela increase

Rural exodus (people left rural areas and went to the cities; there wasn't any place for them to live, so they lived on the streets).

Totalitarian Government

  • Ruled by a dictator
  • Very little/no freedom
  • Government controls almost every aspect of life

Asia's dependence on summer monsoons

  • Agriculture needs the rain
  • Aquifers can be replenished

Levels of Activities

  1. Primary: extractive acts (fishing, farming, forestry, mining, etc.)
  2. Secondary: transformative acts (processing, manufacturing)
  3. Tertiary: services (transportation, retailing, maintenance, etc.)
  4. Quarternary: complex services (education, research, engineering, IT, etc.)
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