Early Learning Staff Update

Monday, September 19, 2016

Back to school

Meet the teacher: This is the first year we had parents and children visit the classroom separately instead of one big Open House. Both staff and parents seemed to enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to meet one on one. The online scheduling system worked well - parents found it easy to access and select a time.

Samantha worked super hard to ensure teachers had student files complete and in hand the first day back. Thanks teachers & paras for collecting missing forms. Remember to send Sam a copy of any forms you received - except the child interest form.

Current info about preschool - date based on 9/16/16 numbers

173 students are enrolled as of 9/16. (Additional enrollments are in process.)

64 three year olds & 109 four year olds

26% of students are English Language Learners.

11% have Spanish as a first language.

There are 11 different languages spoken in preschool.

Currently 23% of children ride the bus (including ECSE).

Approximately 40% of children qualify for free/reduced lunch.

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MN Reading Corps: Erin & Melissa attended MRC trainings in August along with our new SH MRC tutor, Mary Christensen, and Amanda our internal coach. Welcome Mary!

Shapes & Spatial Awareness 8/29: All staff attended and the feedback was very positive.

There was a lot of "mathematizing" going on as we practiced being more intentional in our thinking and language. I heard lots of ideas for implementing this in the classroom and am excited to hear how it goes.

“Early math is surprisingly important. What kids know in their preschool or entering kindergarten year about mathematics predicts their later school success. In mathematics, sure, that makes sense, but it even predicts later reading success, as well as early literacy skills do.

“Early math is cognitively fundamental. It’s not just about number and shapes. There’s reasoning and thinking embedded in what we do in early mathematics that forms a foundation for years to come.”

by Doug Clements - Early Childhood Expert and the lead author of math activities in our DLM curriculm

Upcoming Dates:

9/20 afternoon: FirstSchool Kick off at TIES -- Erin & Amanda

9/21 3:00-4:00 at ELC: Teacher PLC - Mary Garrison will be starting us out

9/22 5:00 HT library: ECFE Task Force -- Opportunity for extra hours for paras (4:45-7:45)

9/23 12:00-1:00: MRC meeting at SH (Erin, Melissa, Mary & Amanda)

9/27 Lora & Amanda out of the office - Call Sam or Patricia if you need anything

At MDE for PreK-Grade 3 Alignment meeting with Tina & Sue

9/28 Morning: Lora out of office for Inclusion meeting with Brenda. Call Amanda or Sam.

9/28 3:00-4:00 at ELC: Teachers meet with technology director at ELC

9/29 Lora, Amanda & Patricia out of office all day - MDE Family Engagement workshop

If Sam can't help, text Lora or Amanda

9/30 afternoon SEEDS training (Erin, Melissa, Mary & Amanda)

10/4 3:00-4:00 Math/Science Night Planning -- Teachers

10/5 3:00-4:00 Tacher PLC


11:15- 1:30 Work in classroom with 1/2 hour lunch

1:30-2:30 All staff meeting at ELC

2:30-3:00 Sensory Bottles Make It-Take It

3:00-4:00 Teacher meeting

Building Relationships and Routines

  • Our priority in the first weeks of school!