Feed by M.T. Anderson

Page: 245 - 255 by Jack Kwok


  • Violet sends Titus the response that she has received from FeedTech.
  • At that moment she receives the response, she can't move her legs and fall down the stairs and she feels hard to breathe.
  • Unfortunately, FeedTech refused in repairing her feed, and the other corporate investors also refused her request.

  • Violet was asking for information about all those amazing products but never buying anything.

  • FeedTech might repair her feed if she is going to buy a lot of stuffs in the next 6 months.

  • Violet is unable to move and waiting to her father.


  • Titus wakes up, and Violet is sitting next to him on the grass.
  • Titus has never asked Violet about the response from the FeedTech which makes Violet got angry.
  • Titus hopes Violet would grab his hand but she doesn't, then he leaves.
  • The day after, Violet finds that her arm stop working for an hours, she feels panicked and had to be given a sedative.


  • Violet afraid of her memory will go soon, afraid to lose her past.
  • So she sends Titus a lot of her memories.
  • Titus doesn't open any of those memories, but she keeps sending to him, he just let them sit and ignore it.
  • In pace with the memories getting bigger, he has a serious headache which caused by Violet's memories.
  • Titus deleted all her memories without looking any of it.
  • Violet asks Titus what her plan, he doesn't answer her.

Literary Theories


"Unfortunate, FeedTech and other investors reviewed your purchasing history, and we don't feel that you would be a reliable investment at this time."(Anderson 247)

"No one could get what we call a "handle" on your shopping habits, like for example you asking for information about all those wow and brag products and then never buying anything."(Anderson 247)


"She kept sending things. I didn’t open them. I let them sit. I let them sit. I was walking around SchoolTM the next day, feeling them like, feeling them crowd me.”(Anderson 253)

“I went into the living room and sat on the sofa. I didn’t feel good. I sat on the sofa. I looked at the fireplace. I had deleted all her memories.”(Anderson 254)

Essential Question: How has technology changed our communication?

Technology has a big impact in our daily life. People use their mobile phone to chat with their friends every day instead of talking with each other. Then people start to use the simple words, it limited them to express their feelings, but people don’t care about it. In the Feed, people even can send their memory without contact with each other. The value of memory has lost when people haven’t experienced it. Technology makes our communication becomes convenience, but much cheaper.

Discussion Question

After you read, go back to page 290 and reread the section where Violet father claims “We Americans…are interested only in the consumption of our products. We have no interest in how they were produced or what happens to them.” What happens to them once we discard them?

Work Cited

Anderson, M. T. Feed. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, 2002. Print.