The Kraken

By:Austin Sibley


Imagine yourself as any animal in the whole ocean; shark, eel, crab, jellyfish,... wait; what about the most important organism? Teuthoidea Cephalopoda, (also know as the squid.) is one of the most diverse organisms in the whole ocean. Some of its most amazing factors are its complex body structure and appearance, movement, and its deliciously interesting diet. This tentacled beast is a truly magnificent animal; my favorite species is the giant squid.


As you can see, the squid is an amazing oceanic wonder. From its unique appearance to its complex movement, and from its complex movement to its interesting diet. This organism is truly amazing. It has many interesting features like its three hearts, grinder-like tongue, and its beach ball sized eyeballs. So next time someone asks you to imagine any oceanic animal you won’t say eel, crab, jellyfish, or even shark. You will say Teuthoidea Cephalopoda, the most important organism in the whole entire oceanic ecosystem.

Squid Quiz

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Decipher The Depth Dweller

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Go Fish

Exactly 20 gallons, 13 fish, a budget of $250.00, and $249.94 spent. All of these factors show the perfect fish tank. At first I thought I only needed $31.47 to spend on fish but soon I changed this to $117.61. With this amount of money I bought 1 Blue Hepatus Tang, 4 Margarita Snails, 1 Copperband Butterfly Fish, 1 Picasso Trigger, 5 Neon Tetras, and 1 Red Leg Hermit Crab. I used the remaining $132.39 on decor and required supplies. A funny thing that happened is when I was thinking about buying a Tassalata Eel. Until I realized that they are 7 feet long! This activity was fun and enjoyable and I hope to do it again.


Admire this amazing undersea diorama
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1.Giant Squid

2.Parrot Fish


4.Sea Snake




8.Sea Anenome

9.Sea Urchin

10.Portuguese Man o' War

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Learn more about the squid here.
Giant Squid (Architeuthis) footage, January 27, 2013