History of Soccer

Dacy Slayton

How soccer got invented.

Soccer got invented 3,000 years ago and England made it up. In 1365 King Edward the 3rd banned soccer and in 1424 King James thought the same thing he said ¨Na man play at the football. Witch mint ¨No man shall play football.

Why soccer in popular.

In 1815 a major development took place that made soccer popular. The kings all over the world said that soccer should be a sport for boys and girls. They won the world cup in 1973 they won in New York.

What to wear

They wear shorts, t-shirt with a number on it like the number 8 that is big on the back and cleats and your coach brings the ball.

How to play soccer

In 1815 they use to play soccer with there hands and that is where or how they came up with football. And they kick with there feet now that is were they came up with soccer.


Soccer is one of the main sport in the world. The kings that banned soccer knew that soccer would come back in the states. People love or hate soccer I play soccer it is fun to play than watch. You play soccer on a field.