Español 1

Week 35 - Yearlong

Week 35 Update

This week we will start working on the final project and exam….yep….this is it!

Make sure to check your grade and to stay on top of your assignments.

Final Exam Details

The exam for Spanish 1 with NCVPS has two parts: project and quiz. The quiz assesses listening and reading comprehension and the project is for students to demonstrate mastery of speaking and writing concepts taught in Spanish 1 (written/oral presentation skills in Spanish – students are expected to be at a Novice Mid for writing, listening and reading and Novice Low for speaking at the end of Spanish 1).


  • Students get ONE ATTEMPT on the final exam quiz portion.

  • The quiz is only accessible one time, students should not begin it until they have plenty of time to start and complete the assignment. Make sure to have plenty of battery power before beginning the quiz.

  • The quiz must be completed in one sitting, it cannot be started and stopped or left idle for later


Students will have a full week to complete the project portion due on May 20th at 11:59pm. As soon as they complete the last required assignment in Unit 8 the project portion becomes available to them.

  • Students can work on the project throughout the week.

  • Students can use previous assignments/feedback of THEIR OWN work to help them on this project – they may not use work belonging to other students or that of an online translator, website, tutor, etc (see academic integrity expectation below).

  • Students must us a web 2.0 tools (ie. not PowerPoint). They can use Prezi, Padlet, Google Slides, Authorstream, etc. any tool they’ve used so far this year.

  • The project must contain written and spoken elements, including images and citations to get maximum credit.

Study Guide for Final Exam

Has it seemed like a long course? Here is an overview of topics that you can use as a Study Guide;

1. Check the learning block daily this week! Each day I will send tutorial grammar and vocabulary links of the major concepts from each Unit 1-8. This is a wealth of information in one spot!

2. Spanish 1 Vocabulary lists: Click here

3. Tips for a Great Final Project: Click here

4. Summary of Spanish 1 Course Content: Click here

5. Final Project Grading Rubric: Click here

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What can my student do in Spanish?

- At the end of Spanish 1 students are considered to be Novice High in all areas except for speaking which remains at Novice Mid. The scale goes from Novice (low, mid high), Intermediate (low, mid high), Advanced (love mid, high), Superior, Distinguished. Click here to read more about what your student can do in Spanish

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How to Check Your Grade!

Parents and Students…still have questions about how to check and understand your grade? Check out this screencast explaining 2nd quarter grades. Let me know if you have any questions.
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4th Quarter Closing

Friday, May 13th, 11:30pm

This is an online event.

All 2nd quarter work is due by 5/13/16 @ 11:59pm. You will not be able to submit any 4th quarter work past that time. Please use this week to finish all 4th quarter work!

Need Help: Try Peer Tutoring

NCVPS offers free peer tutoring! This is an acceptable way to get help with your coursework. If you have ever wished that I could instantly answer your questions….here is another way that could happen (please, feel free to email me your questions too, or let me know about your peer tutoring session). Just another resource to help you be successful with this course!
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Final Exam and Final Project Due

Saturday, May 20th 2017 at 11:30pm

This is an online event.

The final exams must be completed and turned in by May 20th to be submitted for your final report card grade!
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Click here for more about the NCVPS Academic Integrity Code:

This Week's Assignments

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Tutorial and Practices

Señora Velazquez

I am here to support you. Please keep in touch and let me know how I can help you!