Flight For Freedom

By Emily Burton

Times are changing....

For Golden Eagles, Autumn is full of easy hunting, a break from the frost bitten cold of Winter and the scorching heat of Summer.

But this Autumn may just prove to be the hardest yet...

"Flight For Freedom" is an engaging fictional novel about the hardships of wild animals nowadays as humans destroy more and more of their habitats. It is aimed at 12+ and is based around what an Eagle family has to live through when humans take their homes to build houses, and they are forced to flee, searching for a new home.

Fail or Fly?

The main character in the book, Pond, is a tiny eaglet with a scar across his wing, the remains of an attack from a rival eagle. The scar gives his parents doubts that he will live, for they beleive that flying will now be impossible.


Pond loses his sister when she flies away after a visit from a stranger. He misses her dreadfully and strives so hard to find her. He often risks his life, but will his attempts be in vain???

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