Your Not The Only one !

Sofia Calderon

What years were you in middle school ?

My mother was in middle school in 1983-1985.

What kind of music, movies and fashions were popular at the time ?

There was lots of things that changed from back then to right now .For example the type of music that they listened to was rock and jazz .One of the many movies that were made ,and that gave a huge hit was called the 'Dead Poets Society ,(1989) by Robin Williams. Some of the things that people used was long necklaces,long jeans,red-black and blue skits ,sweatpants,t-shirts,and for shoes they used a lot of sneakers.

What were your favorite activities in middle school ?What were your hobbies and interest ?

My mother ,Monica,liked to play basketball and track .She played everyday and loved it ! Monica's hobbies and interest were bike riding ,walking,reading ,science and baking .Her favorite thing to do was to read and bake . And she still tries to do it today .

What jobs/intrests /actives do you have now ? Is there a connection between what you like back then and what you enjoy today?

my mom loves to help people and she went to school to be a physical theripes which she loves ,and likes to be the manger of things .Yes ,monica thinks that there was a connection from back then to now .for example she works at a day care center for elderly people and does physical theripe to them ,which was her goal ,and she achieved it !

What was the best part about being in middle school ?

The best part about being in middle school was when i was able to help the school in different ways gathering money from the kids for school and she also liked that she could be able to make new and different friends .

what was the worst thing ?

The worst thing about middle school was when i couldn't understand a subject ,then have a test and failed.

How would you describe your middle school self?

I would describe myself as shy,happy, friendly,polity, respectful and very creative .

What advice about growing up would you give kids my age ?

" My advice is to stay in school and always focus on your edicmeices and develop different strengths .Also , to always remember that there school will get you a life and a careen which is why school is so important and people will always be there for you to guide your way through.

Were there bully's at your school at the time ?

" Yes, there were many different bully's at my school but they never bulled me .many of the bully's would always use their free time to bully the kids that were younger than them ."

Were you ever stressed during middle school ?

yes. I used to be very stressed out because I always wanted to make sure that I had good grades and handed things on time .