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Sneha Nursery is our endeavor to produce a variety of healthy seedlings using highly sophisticated greenhouses, for supply to farmers who wish to maximize their crop production. This project reflects our vision to grow seedlings of a diversified variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers under controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and fertigation, in order to ensure that prevailing plant loss due to poor conditions is prevented. We have a team of highly experienced scientists and analysts who dedicatedly work to produce healthy, diseases free seedlings with longevity.

We are committed to contribute to the society by nurturing and promoting Indian Horticulture. We believe in positive innovation. We work on the techniques which can help us in promoting welfare of all. Thus, Sneha Nursery is aimed to help farmers in producing more and better by providing them the healthy and disease free seedlings. Our motto is to provide farmer friendly, cost effective and highly advanced Horticulture Services to help in the country’s progress.

Why should Farmers opt for Sneha Nursery?

Currently, as a common practice, the vegetable, fruit and flower seedlings are raised by the farmers themselves in their own fields in small captive nurseries, and thereafter transplanted to the main fields. This poses the following problems:

  • The farmers have to bear the loss of most of the plants because of poor management.
  • This loss leads them towards a substantial financial loss also as the cost of seeds has risen drastically in the last 10 to 15 years.
  • As the nursery beds are in the farmer’s fields and are surrounded by older crops of the same farmer or his neighbor, there is always and possibility of attacks by insects and diseases.
  • When the young seedlings are affected by bacterial and fungal diseases at an early stage, they never fully recover from this and are unable to produce a yield to the extent of their genetic potential.
  • These weak seedlings most often face the transplantation shock and thus either die or do not produce a yield expected by the farmer.
  • Because of all these problems, the yield is not be uniform and the farmer are forced to bear more cost of labor for plucking and logistics.

Vegetables Seedlings, Flower Seedlings, Fruit Seedlings

The benefits of plug Production at Sneha Nursery

  • Less time and labor to transplant
  • Higher survival rate of seedlings, because of reduced damage in transplanting and lower incidence of disease
  • Higher quality and uniformity of transplants
  • Decreased use of the pesticides
  • Yields to the extent of the seeds genetic potential.
  • Earlier establishment and earlier harvest after transplanting
  • Suitability for mechanical transplanting
  • Reliable planning of production
  • Fewer losses at transplanting.
  • Less transplant shock resulting in more uniform flowering compared with bare-root seedlings.
  • Small seeds have a better chance of even germination.
  • Less time in the field, fewer risks, less irrigation and sprayings.
  • Intensive care - Seedlings receive better care and protection (from animals, weeds and pests)
  • Reductions of costs - Fewer seeds are used for raising seedlings in the nursery than for sowing.
  • Opportunity for selection - Raising seedlings in a nursery affords the grower an opportunity to select well grown, vigorous, uniform and disease free seedlings.
  • Extend a short growing season for late maturing crops – Seedlings grown in a nursery can be protected from the adverse conditions if any and when it become suitable for growth, Seedlings transplanted into the fields.
  • Young plants will make it possible to produce vegetables off-season, resulting in better market prices for the farmers.

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