Great Depression

-1920's, the United States boasted the largest ecomony in the world.-Destruction wrought by World War I, Europeans struggled while Americans flourished-The stock market crash of 1929 touched off a chain of events that played the United States into the longest, deepest economic crisis of its history.-Simplistic to view the stock market crash as the single cause of the Great Depression.-Healthy economy can recover from contraction.-workers could no longer afored anything-The richest one precent of Americans owned over a third of all Americans assets.-wealthy tended to save money that might have been put back into the economy if it were spread among the middle and lower classes.-Middle class Americans had already stretched their debt capacties by purchasing automobiles and household appliance on installment plans.-Banks operated without guarntees to their customers, creating a climate of panic when times got tough.-Few regulations were placed on banks and they lent out money to who speculated reclessly in stocks.-Prices were already really low in the 1920's.-Leaving farmers unable to spark any sort of recorvery.-The Great Depression spread all acrossed the Atlantic, Europeans bought fewer American products, worsening the slides, from all the money that was lost.-The Americans economy was a house cards.-President Hoover's popularity decreased as more and more Americans lost their jobs.-Hoover's minimalist apporoach to goverment intervention made little impack.-The middle class stayed where they were with the econoney.
This is a family that that is in the Great Depression and the father is probably thinking what he can do to feed his wife and his kid.