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The weather in Paris is in the late 50s and early 60s with a little rain here and there. in Paris it's usually cold and rainy. Paris can also be sunny but it's usually in the 50s and 60s. It usually isn't that warm in Paris its more likely to be colder than warmer.


while you're in the wonder Paris you should try some of there amazing croissants and there amazing macaroons for for dessert! Paris has many amazing food choices more desserts than breakfast, lunch or dinner. most of Paris food is whole mad than bought pre made.


The main attraction there is the Eiffel tower that you can pay to go inside for a bite to eat or just to look at the perfect view of Paris. the Eiffel tower has 3 parts. When you go inside there's a low level viewing and a middle. At the top there's a restaurant with very pricey food but it might be worth your money because of the amazing view.


Instead of calling dollars money here they call it euros. in Paris you can't use American dollars so you have to go to a Paris bank to trade your American dollars for there euros. Euros have the same amount of money in one euros as we do for example, our 5 dollar bills are the same there but there's are just in euros.

words you should know


how are you:Comment allezvous

thank you: Je vous remercie

your welcome : vous êtes le bienvenu

world map of where Paris is located

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