Special Education 2016-2017

Results Based Evaluation System (RBES) Goals

Every teacher must have 2 goals for the 2016-2017 school year.

DUE by September 19th by 4:30pm

#1 GOAL- SPED Department Goal

To increase the graduation rate of students with disabilities on my caseload by reviewing course history and implementing best practices to assist students with academic success. Each student on my caseload will meet with me to discuss academic standing and develop an individual plan of action.

Describe the data you are using in your plan- (EXAMPLE from H. Baug)

I will monitor the grades, attendance and discipline record of my caseload students.

Implementation Plan (EXAMPLE from H. Baug)

1. Make contact with caseload students in the first ten days of school.
2. Review course history of my caseload students and identify students on my caseload who are NOT on track to graduate in 4 years plus one semester.
3. Identify areas of failure and provide support.
4. Inform students and parents of ways to make up credits (online, credit recovery)
5. Meet with caseload students every other week and sign caseload sign caseload monitoring form.
6. Advertise the college fair/ transition fair.
7. Inform students about programs at Maxwell and Grayson.
8. Students will write a goals for the future and complete the transition questionnaire using the D2L platform.
9. Provide mastery ticket retest opportunities.

#2 Goal- CONTENT Area Goal-

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II. eClass Page Expectations

a. Uses- Must be used in the classroom

i. Instructional Planning

ii. Communication- Students/Parents

b. Minimal Expectations- Any information should not be more than ONE week out of date.

i. Calendar- updated

ii. Up to date assignments

iii. Syllabus/rules/office hours

iv. Content (videos, AKS, ppts, etc)

v. Remediation assignments/assessments

Team Tuesdays/Instructional Teams/PLC's

a. Must be attended by all/these are not options

b. Groups should be on the same page with number of assignments and assessments

c. Teach the standards not the textbook

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How does your Resource class differ from the regular ed class?