Multicultural Children's Texts

Children need to see themselves in the books they read

What is the purpose of using multicultural texts?

  • raise student awareness of stereotypes and decrease negative behaviors
  • develop a student's self-worth
  • provide a broad view of different cultures and backgrounds
  • allow students to appreciate culture's beyond their own

When should multicultural texts be used?

Multicultural texts should be integrated into the curriculum and be frequently read. Multicultural texts should NOT be read only during holidays or celebrations.

Our Favorite Multicultural Books

Our Book Trailer

Rubia and the Three Osos

An important quote to consider

"Culture in the classroom is not a topic that you have the privilege of adding or deleting. Culture is always present whenever humans interrelate with one another."-a quote from Dr. Tamar Jacobson's book Confronting Our Discomfort: Clearing the way for anti-bias in early childhood.

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