Puerto Rico

Information on

Land and Climate

  • 5234 miles in area.
  • 70-80 degrees
  • Bad hurricane history
  • Central cordilla going up the middle.


HistoryTaino were killed or evicted by Columbus;s people in 1511.1873 slavery was banned.1917 Puerto Rico officialy in America.1868 they revolted against Spain.



  • 78 municipialities
  • Barrack Obama is chief of state.
  • 27 senates
  • 51 house of Representatives.



  • U.s and Puerto Rico trade.
  • Puerto rico was poor and now is not rich but wealthy.
  • Low unemployment.
  • Exports: sugar,coffee, petroleum, chemicals, textiles, electronics.

Day 1

American Airlines travel to Puerto Rico book InterContinental hotel $1804 Eat at Sandbox Burgers $8 Go to bed. DAY 2 Eat at Homeless Dog $11 Go ziplining Free Eat at Sand box $8 DAY 3 Eat at Hotel,go shopping $150, Go to beach, Eat at Homeless dog.Day 4: Go eat at Homeless dog, shop $125, go hiking/tour $35 eat at hotel.Day 5 Eat at hotel, go surfing lessons $50, go to beach, Eat at Sandbox Burgers.Day 6: Eat at homeless dog, Deep sea diving $ 95, Shopping $200 Eat at Chinchila's 35$Day 7: Eat at Hotel go to airport, go home.Expenses:  Air, Hotel=1804$Shopping: 1475$Activities/food:750$Total=$4,250  (about)