Chairs and Desks

By, Antonella Alvarado, Leticia Ramirez, Jacob Wurst

Problem Statement

In our school we have a lot of problems but one of the main problems is the Chairs and Desks situation. They are not comfy and old and other schools like Tidwell have better furniture. So we went around and asked at least 10 people from each grade and 9 out of 10 people said that they didn't like the chairs and they wanted the school to buy new chairs and desks.


1) Are you comfortable in the chairs at school?

Yes- 12/47

No- 35/47

2) Would you want the school to buy new desks/chairs?

Yes- 41/47

No- 6/47

3) Do you like how the chairs/desks are connected?

Yes- 9/47

No- 38/47

Why it's an issue

The desks at Medlin are a some what a distraction to some people while in the classroom.

Like we have said many times students don't like the desks and think they aren't comfortable to sit in for basically your entire day.


We are going to make signs to show the school what we think. We will also hang up posters around the school to get students to think about this problem and give their opinions.

How to make a difference...

In order to get the school involved in this students need to explain the problem thats occuring. They need to show how other students agree on this. Also show and explain to the teachers how the desk and chairs are problems.

Benefits and Results

We're hoping for our results to get the school board to buy us new desks and chairs that meet our standards as what we said earlier.