Literacy News

January 2016

Literacy Leader Update Meeting

This past months meeting was focused on Drama. A few things that we discussed were:

1. Drama not only affects the characters, it should affect the audience.

2. For the upper grades- have the students add stage directions to the play.

3. Allow the students to make adjustments to the play, change the dialogue, setting, add/delete characters, and add props.

4. What does the audience need to see or hear to understand the plot?

5. At the end of the lesson make sure they can identify the theme and what elements contributed to it.

Procedural Text- provides factual information in order to give directions, teach or describe a process.

Here are a two links to use to increase student engagement in the writing process:

"Is Bacon Ok to Eat?"

These adorable little girls give step by step directions on cooking some of their favorite treats. Search The Cookin' Kids on you tube for great tutorials.

Dyslexia, the Hidden Disability

Dyslexic students can also have problems with spoken language. They may find it difficult to express themselves clearly, or to fully comprehend what others mean when they speak. This struggle can effect them in school, in the workplace, and in relating to other people. Students with dyslexia often end up feeling "dumb" and less capable than they actually are. Let's make sure to help our kiddos shine in areas they are successful in and let them know they are talented.