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About me

My name is Faisal, and I don't really like reading that much, and I don't read a lot. I am a seventh grader at Oxford Middle School. And I like playing sports and my favorite sport is soccer. And my favorite player in Soccer is Lionel Messi.

My goals

I don't read a lot and I Don't like reading but I am trying to get better at it and read more books.

My favorites

I am currently reading Messi bibliography because it talks about the best soccer player in the world and my favorite player.

My favorite author is Jeff Kinney because his books are really funny.

My Blog

I am currently reading the bibliography of lionel Messi and I am reading Where The Red fern Grows in ELA class
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Influences on Authors life and Background information

Jeff Kinney was born in February 19th 1971 at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, The United States and he is currently living in Plainville, MA, US. Jeff Kinney had two brothers and one sister. Jeff Kinney was a cartoonist in the university of Maryland and he wrote "igdoof" before he was writing "Diary Of Wimpy Kid" then he was suspended for 3 years. Jeff Kinney came up with the idea of Diary of wimpy kid about a kid in middle school and how did he survive middle school, and what he has to go through in middle school. Jeff Kinney was a cartoonist in the University Of Maryland before he came up with the idea of the books. When Jeff Kinney was young he used to read his dad's comic books, And in fifth grade he discovered fantasy books. Jeff Kinney used to play Video Games.


When Jeff Kinney started the idea of the book he was focused on adults not kids but when time went on kids started to read it more that adults so then he realized and started working on the kids. Jeff Kinney wanted to inspire kids to like school more he liked fantasy books and comedy so he combined them and turned them into The Diary Of Wimpy Kid.


  • "My advice to authors would be to try to do something original rather than to try to anticipate what the market is looking for."
  • "I take comedy very seriously, and I feel very competitive."
  • "Luckily for me, my father had impeccable taste. No contemporary collector was he. His treasure trove of comics included gems such as 'Little Lulu,' 'Frontline Combat' and 'Classics Illustrated.' But the works that stood head and shoulders above the rest were Carl Barks's 'Donald Duck' and 'Uncle Scrooge' comics from the 1940s through the 1960s."
  • "I don't think of cartoons or comics as being for kids."
  • "With the recent addition of a full soundtrack and the players map, millions of Poptropicans around the globe are now fully immersed in a multimedia gaming experience when they embark on our high quality adventures."

Interesting facts

  • He worked at the book Diary of a Wimpy kid in 1998 and published 2007!
  • He has 10 books!
  • being a author is not his "Real" job but his "Real" job is being a Video game creator!
  • His name appeared on time magazine list of 100 most influential people!
  • 2010 he sold 42 million copies of his books!
  • His books were written in 30 or more languages.