MHS Entrepreneurship Class Sale

Students Selling Homemade Items to Benefit Animal Shelter

Mansfield Christmas Market

December 16th (Saturday)

9 am - 5 pm

Proceeds to benefit the Mansfield Animal Shelter!

Each semester, the Mansfield High School Entrepreneurship students run a small business in class to learn about running a business. They learn by doing! Students donate all of their proceeds to a local charity of their choice. This semester's proceeds will be donated to the Mansfield Animal Shelter. Since the inception of this project, students have donated over $7,500 to local organizations! In recent semesters, students have also begun making microloans to aspiring entrepreneurs through They've made loans to entrepreneurs in 14 countries. Students in Mansfield are making an impact in their own community and around the world!

Homemade Items for Sale

Clearance Items - $2 each!