The Third Reich Propaganda

Developed by: Jacob Parker

Background Refresh and WHO/WHAT/WHEN/HOW

The era of the Third Reich, or Nazi Germany, was one of the biggest historic, controversial eras of all time. Nazi Germany was built in the form of an dictatorship. Adolf Hitler was the best known leader of the Nazi Party. The Third Reich lasted from 1932-1945 during the time of WWI and Holocaust. This all started from Adolf Hitler wanting to control and demolish his foes, whom are the Communists and Jews. He later became leader of Nazi Party and lead the way for his militia into making Germany "the strongest world power" of that time. He would soon invade and occupy the lands of Poland and Soviet Union and suppress the inferior populations.
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Portrayal in Media

Throughout the media, there are various ways the Third Reich Propaganda is portrayed. Supporters of Nazi Party responded by displaying their work related to Nazi activity. For example, artists who were expressing themselves degeneracy were immediately removed from teaching position and showcasing their work. Also, music and films were limited. Music and films that discusses Nazi/Germany activity were censored. Even the Catholic Church opposed Hitler in media and sparked a heavy protest among Germans.
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My whole perspective on it is that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party all could have came up with such a better idea. I feel that Hitler didn't need to kill so many people just because of their beliefs basically.
Nazi Germany