By: Justin Pedersen & Liam Pitney

Roman Name: Liber

Job Description:

He goes around the area helping people grow their grapes.


He achieved rebirth, and brought wine and grapes to Egypt.


Thyrsos( a wooden stick wrapped with ivy leaves and vines)

the flute

wine barrels




Has the power to make ecstasy out of thin air


Father: Zeus

Mother: Demeter

Rebirth mother: Semele

Grandma: Cybele

Wife: Ariadne the Princess of Crete

Cousin: Pentheus


He can make drugs

He can make wine

He can make people go mad


No weaknesses (does not say)

Iteresting Facts

He was born inside of Zeus's thigh.

He was attacked by the titans and the only thing that was left was his heart.

He gave king Midas the golden touch

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