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Mrs. Crabb's Classroom News 12-4-15

Math Fact Fluency

We wrapped up our first math unit this week. Ask your child to tell you about their glows and grows for Unit 1. We will continue to explore multiplication and division in Unit 2.

At this time, your child has been introduced to the multiplication and division math facts for 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10. In the coming weeks we will study the fact families of 6, 7, and 8.

Please continue to work with your 3rd grader to review and reinforce these facts.

Seeing the relationship between multiplication and division facts is something we continue to work on in class.

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Read to Self Time

All too often we want to skip over the words we don't know or just take a wild guess.

This past week we took time to take a closer look at the "tough words" in our books.

Ask your child to tell you more about the interesting words they have taken the time to learn how to pronounce and/or found the meaning of.

Have fun learning new words in the books you are reading together at home as well.

Reading at Home

Reading with fluency and expression is something we continue to work on as 3rd Grade readers. Have fun modeling expressive reading to your child and encourage them to read aloud to the family to practice their fluency and expression.

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We continue to work on writing personal narratives, stories that help bring our personal memories to life.

Our focus this week was on "seed ideas." Choosing small moments from our lives that we can retell in ways that let readers feel as if they were a part of the experience.

Please ask your 3rd grade author to share some of the seed ideas they are currently working on and/or plan to work on next week. If they are out of ideas please work with them to brainstorm personal memories they would enjoy writing about.

Important Dates


14 - 3rd Grade Holiday Concert 6:00p at Bay Port

Be sure to check our classroom calendar for other important events and happenings.