Our Experience

Our First Season

Starting our seventh grade year with many eighth graders, nervous, excited, and ready to play. That was us in our first volleyball game. When we went out for the Burns Middle School volleyball team, we were not sure whether we would even make the team! When coach called out the starters for the first game of season, we were in shock to hear our numbers.

Inform and Explain

When playing volleyball, is it a simple game, but has many rules. Number One rule, you can only hit the ball three times before you send it to the other team. Number two, you can only have six players on the court at once. Number three, you can't hit the ball with the palm of your hand if it's facing up. When passing, it's ideal to use two hands, not one! This is volleyball, not tennis.

Evaluate and Judge

The top four volleyball teams we competed against in 2013-2014 were North Lincoln, Crest, West Lincoln, and RS.

Inquire and Explore

Volleyball was invented in 1895. The inventor, William G. Morgan, designed the game to be a combination of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball.

Analyze and Interpret

In order to win more volleyball games, we need to be able to pass the ball to our setter. Our back row players need to always be down and ready to bump it to the setter, so she can set a hitter up for a spike. We also need to have better serves. Serving is crucial in volleyball, if you can't serve, you cant gain points without automatically giving the ball back to the opposing team. One more thing a team really needs to be good at is blocking. When you see a hitter on the opposing team going up to spike, you need to be ready to jump up and try to get the ball to deflect off your hands back onto their side. The point of blocking is to throw them off-guard when they hit and you put it back down on their side and they weren't expecting it.

Take a Stand

Volleyball is a great team sport that really makes you wok together. It is a fairly safe game, unless you don't know how to move your face when a ball is coming a you, but other than that, it's a pretty safe game. We think every school needs a volleyball to work on building positive relationships and working as a team.

Propose a Solution

Anyone playing volleyball needs to wear knee pads. I don't think I would play with any jewelry because you could get hit or you bracelets could put the ball off target. Volleyball is not played on a soft surface, so you could very easily hurt your knees.

Seek common ground

Volleyball's time spent on games is determined by the teams. The match goes to 25 points, whomever wins the first mach has to win two more to win the entire game. If there are two very good teams playing, then there can be up to five matches to determine the winner. The first team to win three matches, wins the game. There is plenty of safety equipment on the players. Sometimes, there are certain players, such as the two of us, who always end up n the ground... People like us may need elbow pads as well. The rules on contact is simple. The ball can be hit three times on one side before being passed over, you must have a closed hand if your palm is facing upward, and you can't run into the net. Volleyball isn't always easy, but it sure is fun