Pilot Whales

By Adrah

Do Pilot Whales Eat Trees?

Not really. They mostly eat fish,squid,and octopus. They use echolocation to find their food. Echolocation is when an animal sends out a burst of sound. This sound will bounce off objects and come back to them and tell them what is in front of them. Although pilot whales don't eat trees they still eat healthy.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Pilot Whales?

Female pilot whales live longer than males. Females live about 55 years,and males live about 45 years. They also are mammals like us. They can even stay under water for about 20 minutes. They don't even have a breeding season. Only 2 pilot whales perform in the world at Seaworld. If you ever go to Seaworld in SanDeigo see if they have the pilot whales their.

What Are a Pilot Whales Enemies?

Mostly people, but pilot whales have tons of enemies. Some of its enemies are sharks, fish nets, and coastel hunts. All of these enemies can kill them even us. If you see a pilot whale stay away, and don't hurt it.

What are its body facts?

Some whales have baleen as teeth, but not pilot whales. Pilot Whales have normal teeth like us, but their teeth are sharp. They have a little bit of hair, but it soon goes away when they get older. Although they are different from us we still share a very speasil friend ship.