City of Metropolis

Fire and Police Attitudes

Conformity, Obedience & Compliance

Our Fire and Police Department consists of many women and men that take pride in their line of work and duties. Our success depends greatly on the compassion and compliance of the team members on our force and our ability to work together with a strong commitment to conformity, obedience and compliance. Conformity within a group entails members changing their attitudes and beliefs in order to match those of others within the group to be consistent with the group norm. (Fein & Kassin, 2014) For compliance to occur within our group, one must adapt his/her actions to another's wishes or rules. A person that conforms must have a disposition that allows him/her to yield to others. Requests for and acts of compliance occur in everyone's lives. Simply asking someone to perform a task is a request for compliance. Obedience is the act of following orders without question because they come from a legitimate authority. (Constable, 2015).

What To Do In Metropolis If You Feel Unwanted Pressure

The city of Metropolis is committed to the highest standards of integrity and fair dealing in all of its activities and compliance with both the code of conduct and spirit of the law. Employees of this city will reflect these standards in their day-to-day dealings on behalf of the of the citizens. The city of Metropolis has an "open door" policy that encourages employees to raise any concern relating to compliance with our code of conduct of code and applicable law. Management and other supervisory personnel are responsible for supporting this policy by maintaining an "open door" for their direct reports and other employees who may reach out to them for conformity. Should such a concern arise, and a consensus and can not be reached, disagreements should be tabled, and reproached with a 3rd party mediator agreed upon by both parties.


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