The Question of Plate Tectonics

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The aim of this site is to present both opposing points of view concerning the subject of plate tectonics.

Continental Drift Overview

For those seeking a more succinct explanation of Alfred Wegener's theory of "Continental Drift" click on the image to your right.

Three compelling pieces of evidence in defense of Wegener's theory.

Continental Drift Statement

I am strongly against the theory of continental drift. I do not believe that the continents were simply moved by the movement of the Earth. Also now we know that there are freshwater streams in the ocean, so the animal fossils of Mesosaurus found on a separate continent doesn't mean that the continents were once joined. We also now know that seeds of plants can be transported by animals, the wind, etc. So the discovery of plant fossils of Glossopteris doesn't mean the continents were once joined.

Harry Hess's theory of Seafloor Spreading.

Seafloor Spreading Overview

Harry Hess's theory of seafloor spreading is provided in this easy and comprehensive summary to the right.

Seafloor Spreading Statement

My stance concerning the theory of the seafloor spreading is that it is a viable theory. In stark contrast to Wegener's continental drift, Hess actually found compelling scientific evidence to support his claim...before he died! The discoveries of mid-ocean ridges and polar reversals in the rocks on the bottom of the seafloor (moving away from the mid-ocean ridge) leave far less questions to be answered by the scientific community and the general public.

Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Overview

To your right are additional comments concerning Plate Tectonics.
Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Statement

I believe the theory of plate tectonics, and I also believe that convection currents move the plates at a whopping measurement of an average of 2 cm per year! I believe plate tectonics simply because I do not believe the movements of the Earth caused the continents to move. Plate Tectonics provides reasonable evidence to explain the natural events that occur in our world. Ex: formation of mountains and volcanoes, earthquakes, formation of rift valleys, etc.