The Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins and project by Jayan Patel

This book's genre is science fiction

I'd rate this book an 8/10

Two things I liked about this book was that they really showed Katniss' personality and it made it seem like I was there with her, the other thing I liked was that it was realistic, the story made it seem like these kids were really fighting for their life's. What I didn't like about it is that it was that they never really showed how awesome of an archer she was in the hunger games

Protagonist: Katniss Everdeen

A girl from district 12 who is a very skilled archer and hunter who has 1 sister and a mother. She is from the coal district and her father died in the mines. When her sister was called up to be a tribute for the hunger games-a viscous game where people fight to the death-she volunteered and took her sisters place.

Antagonist: President Coriolanus Snow

The evil ruler of Panem (the city everyone lives in) who doesn't care much about other people's lives. He supports the hunger games and is not very fond of Katniss


The setting is in Panem after the Great War which destroyed mostly everywhere. People live in different districts who supply the capital with all of the reasources they need. President Snow lives in the Capital and Katniss lives in District 12

A good theme would probably be good vs evil

This is because nobody likes that capital and the rich people becuase they treat them badly and send them off to games to die or win by killing other people, even little kids. The capital will be willing to sacrifice people's lives for amusement. And the poor people are working hard and fighting back against the capital.

A type of confict would be character vs society

This is because the only way for Katniss to survive is for her to fight against society and win the hunger games.

Suzanne Collins

She is the author of the best selling Underland Chronliclesand has won the award of New York Times best selling author.

This book is part of series

There are 3 books in this series. Book one, The Hunger Games. Book two, Catching Fire. Book three, MockingJay.
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The End

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