Oceanside High School

Virtual Wellness Center

Our Mission:

These unprecedented times have lead to a great deal of extra stress and a sense of uncertainty. Life can be very overwhelming and it is important to engage in self-care. The OHS Virtual Wellness Center was designed as a way to support and assist our students in finding ways to cope and manage their emotions through healthy outlets that can become lifelong strategies.
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Visual Relaxation

Puzzles & Games

Stretching & Yoga

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Helpful Apps & Resources

Important Contact Information:

Given these unprecedented circumstances, you may experience a heightened level of anxiety. These are situationally appropriate responses. Please feel free to reach out to our mental health team, which includes the associate principals, school psychologist, social worker, or school counselor. If you need additional resources, we have provided some for you below.

  • Nassau County Helpline (516) 227-TALK(8255) (10 am - 11 pm currently)
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