Hammurabi's code

Was it just?

Why Hammurabi's Code was Just.

One of the reasons Hammurabi's code was just is it was made for the protection of the Babylonians. for example, if a man floods his neighbor's yard with water for irragation he must pay back the lost crops of his neighbor. another law states that if a married man's wife becomes ill and the man is determined to re-marry he may, as long as he care's for his 1st wife until she dies.

Why hammUrABBI's CoDE WAsn'T jUST

There are also a few laws that weren't just, such as if a surgeon accidentally kills his patient his arms shall be cut off however if he SAVES a man's life, he only receives 10 silver. Another out rageous law was that if a man breaks into a home, he shall be hung in the hole he has made.