The Civil Rights Movement

By: Michael Burris

The Battle For Equality

Before the civil rights movement, African Americans had no rights. They were slaves and treated as property. The civil rights movement struggled to gain rights for these people. They did this by boycotting, petitioning, and other methods of civil disobedience. All in all i would say america as a whole has worked hard to make our country how it is today. We have made substantial changes to bring equality among all people. And it has positively effected the people of our nation greatly.

Civil Rights Battle Tactics

Civil Disobedience was the most important tactic used in the civil rights movement. Civil disobedience in the civil rights movement was usually any action done to directly violate the racist, unjust laws enforced upon colored people, without harmful retaliation to punishment. Martin Luther King Jr. pressed his followers to use civil Disobedience. Civil disobedience was extremely effective and led to many laws being changed.

Litigation was the second most important tactic used during the civil rights movement. Litigation in the civil rights movement was the use of lawsuits to challenge the Jim Crow laws. This method was used in the Brown vs. Board of education case when a little girls parents sued the school board so she could go to an all white school that was close to her house rather than walking miles to the colored school she attended.

Grassroots organizations were the third most important part/tactic that led to the slow success of colored people earning their rights. Grassroots organizations are organizations of people all working together and sharing their beliefs for a common cause like registering blacks to vote like the freedom riders did. Or even the NAACP whole just helped blacks win rights in general. All in all each one of these tactics played a huge role and each were very successful. These three tactics were the most important in leading blacks to having the rights they have today.

"Going Down to Mississippi" by Phil Ochs

"Going down to Mississippi" is a very important song in showing how people in the Mississippi specifically treated civil rights protesters. Mississippi at the time was an extremely dangerous place for protesters like these. This song explains why it was a bad place to be. At the same time this song also shows how brave these people were to go to willingly go to a place like that to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means death.