My Trip to Missouri

By: Brandon Trent

PICTURE: (Glock 19)

The importance of being steady and precise is huge when your dealing with a firearm. This trip was one of the only trips that I could freely shoot a gun outside instead of a gun range, and it was very exciting. "I learned the value of precision best from shooting. I felt a great amount of achievement when hitting the cans from a considerable distance after taking time to sight the shot. There’s only a few things in life that can teach a person the meaning and gratification of precision, and during that trip, the rattle and echo from the cans taught me that best." Shooting a gun is also about being steady, "On this particular trip in Missouri, my family visited my aunt who lives miles away from the city limits. We were able to bring our guns, marshmallows, and fireworks to keep ourselves busy for the 4th of July weekend. Being steady is not only one of the most important values in life, but is a very valuable trait to have when shooting"
God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood
Because it was the 4th of July, my family also went down to the local fair and watched fireworks. Patience was very important considering it took hours before the fireworks even began. To this day whenever I hear this song I think of all the memories I have in Missouri. "Not only do you have to show patience when waiting in the family line to light a firework, or finding the perfect time to take the shot, but it was best discovered during the final phase of our trip at the campfire... After stabbing a few marshmallows onto my stick, I steadied them above the flame so that they wouldn’t get catch fire and become burnt. Waiting for the perfect caramel brown, I tried to be patient, but after only a few minutes, the white dessert had not even seemed to heat up."


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