Shining in First Grade

Weekly Updates in Mrs. Graham's Class

Events for January 11-15 (Black Week)

Monday: Please return reading calendar and leveled readers.




Friday: Extra Library: Please bring your books if you are ready to return them


Weekly Vocabulary: for, some, good, to, want
Spelling Words: three, need, take, name, home, those, come, some
Spelling Sentences:
1. Will the lost cats come home?
2. Take some cake to the three me.

Nightly Reading: Our January reading goal is to read 275 minutes. Students will receive a pizza certificate for their reading this month.
Counting: Practice counting with your child by 10's, 5's, and 2's beginning at zero all the way to 120!

What can I reinforce at home?

Reading: We are comparing and contrasting stories and reviewing nouns. Talk to your child about how the story they are reading is like or different than a different story they have read.

Don’t forget that students have vocabulary cards in their pencil pouches in their PAWS
folders. Please practice these often. Have them use the word in a sentence or even
have them write the word forming a complete sentence.

Make groups of ten and then add on to solve and addition problem.
Ex. 5 + 5 + 3= 13. Think 5+5=10. So, 10 +3+ 13.

Pathways: spotting the vowel in words and making the vowel sound. We will review th, sh, wh, ch, and ng words.
Handwriting: Working on the formation of all numbers and lowercase letters.

Upcoming Events

January 18: No School: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 12: 1:00 Dismissal