Nazi Germany

by Chase Nickels

Who,What,When,Where,and Why

Adolf Hitler along with his group known as the Nazi party rose to power in the 1930's.

Germany was in term oil after WW1 due to the Versailles treaty so Hitler used this to his advantage. The party offered strong militant leadership and plays to rebuild the country into a power house.

Perspective #1

in an article dated March 15, 1939 and titled : A horrific day in history we get an inside perspective of Nazi Germany. In this paper they talk about how the party had just taken over Prague in a bloody battle to spread the German territory. Many native Germans celebrated by waving Swastikas in support of the attacks but the Czechs hurled snowballs at the vehicles in protest due to recent lose of their country to the Nazi regime. the perspective shows that Germans supported the party but there was some protest by the people they took control of.

Perspective #2

in the article "Early warning: how american journalist reported the rise of Hitler" an article by JENNIE ROTHENBERG GRITZ. they talk about many Americans including Harry Truman meeting him in the 1920's saying that he would be a very loyal and concerned politician. That being said after Hitler was released from prison in the early 1930's when the Nazi party came about Americans thought it would never work that he would not have much power and that he would not stay in power very long.


it seems that the Germans could only see the take overs as a good thing and that there was no problem with how Hitler went about things. Where as people looking at the party from the outside were not okay with the wars and unjust way he was going about conquering countries.
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Criticism #1

The most obvious Criticisms would be that of historical criticism. Seeing as this took place several decades ago the historic value you is an obvious one. That being said some examples of this are shown by the video from earlier that shows a lady confronting several former Nazi solders for there actions during the war; this shows that even though the war has been over for a long time people still have grudges towards anyone affiliated with the party in anyway.

Criticism #2

Another well shown criticism is cultural criticism because during this time The Nazi party was important to the culture in Germany. The first article showed that the Germans praised the Nazi culture. The second kind of scoffed at the culture and showed doubt in the party and their ideology.