St Joseph's Food Pantry

By Chloe Hietpas

Hunger In Wisconsin

  • 1 in 8 people struggles with hunger every day in Wisconsin.
  • 21%of kids struggle with hunger.
  • Statewide over 573,500
  • 45% of students are eligible for free/reduced lunch just in the Fox Cities
  • 58% of households served report having to choose between paying for housing or paying for food.

Results Of Hunger

  • High blood pressure and higher rates od diabetes.
  • Hunger kills more people than Aids, malaria and tuberculosis combined.
  • School children who are malnutrition are at risk of homelessness, chronic health conditions, stress, and behavioral problems.
  • 3.1 million people die each year from poor nutrition.
  • Hunger can cause the body to weaken and have a better chance of getting diseases and infections.

How St Joseph’s Food Pantry Started And What They Are Doing Right Now?

St Joseph’s Food Program started in 1982 when a man named Thomas J. Schiltz was listening to the radio when he heard that a bunch of people was getting laid off. He thought to himself what if that was me? So Thomas started a garden and provided the food from the garden to his church. The garden started to expand and more people started donating until this garden turned into a large pantry with many volunteers.

St Joseph’s Food Program is fighting hunger by starting locally in the fox cities. This organization is offering food to everyone. Currently, they are in Menasha and Appleton. St Joseph’s food pantry just raised $570,000 for children to have a Champ meal. Just $1,500 provides Champ meals for 375 children.

Donate Now to St Joseph's Food Pantry to Stop Hunger

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Supplementing nutritional needs, free of charge, for the economically distressed within our local communities.