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March 2018

Professional Reading

5 powerful classroom practices.... "immediate strategies that are based on research and experience." Email me if you would like to check it out - thanks!

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Professional Learning Communities - reflection

Research has shown that effective collaboration results in higher levels of learning and performance by educators and students. Yet, we also know that merely setting aside time and room for teams to work together does not guarantee these benefits.

So, what are the essential elements of effective collaboration? Click here for a short article/check in

Students Learn Better When They:

  1. Are challenged
  2. Have choice
  3. Feel significant
  4. Receive feedback
  5. Know they matter

The power of text sets to improve reading proficiency

Lupo, Strong, Lewis, Walpole, and McKenna have piloted text sets in several schools and report very positive reactions: teachers say their students are reading more, absorb more background knowledge, are more confident reading difficult texts, and get better at identifying themes in target texts. Teachers also report that they have changed how they think about incorporating challenging texts in their curriculum, especially for struggling readers. Check out this link

Cornell Notes

You tube video to review how to take Cornell Notes (perhaps better fit for high school students)

Teacher Reflection

I ran across these questions in a recent article and realized the power we have as teachers of letting students know whether we truly believe they can learn.

How would your students respond if you asked them:

1. Do you think I believe that you can learn what I am teaching?

2. Do you feel that I'm committed to you being successful, and how do I show you that?

Metacognition - thinking about our thinking

This article on Edutopia has some nice refreshers about the power of getting students to "think about their thinking/learning". Worth taking a look - the article lists questions to have students ask themselves.
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