MB's Multi 1-2 Classroom News

Edition 7

Family Breakfast Buffet & Traditions Gift

Friday, Dec. 8th, 9-9:45pm

276 Sanford Road

Wells, ME

Please come to a Family Breakfast Buffet in our hallway and classroom, Room 128, on December 8th. The students will be presenting each family with a gift, which they will have produced during our Global Holiday Traditions STWEAM Day! An email and genius sign up for breakfast buffet items has been sent out by Molly. THANKS!!! I know I'm bringing the bacon!!!! If you are unable to attend, no worries, your student will bring their gift home, so you may enjoy it during the holiday season. I will be sure to take many photos too.

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My How Time Flies!!! DECEMBER ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So proud of all the hard working happy students in Room 128! We have been very busy building upon our CAFE reading strategies. For recognizing and using the literary elements of character, setting, and plot we worked with the book "Owl Babies" and produced owlet character puppets and a setting story retelling board. Each student had the chance to retell the story with a buddy or two. The students were asked to use details such as character names, the where and when for the story setting, and the plot/ beginning, middle, and ending of the story. We will be working with the literary elements of problem, resolution/solution, and events with the book "Toot and Puddle Let It Snow" next. Many thanks to Benjamin, Elliott's Dad for sending in all of those red balloons. We watched the 1956 Oscar Award winning, short movie based on the book "The Red Balloon" . We had to practice inferring the meaning of the story as there are very few words. After the movie, we split up into seven small groups. Then we took turns picking literary elements cards which had character, setting, and event written on them. The person who picked the card and was speaking got to hold the red balloon. We took turns until all of the cards were gone. The challenge was that you could not repeat a character, setting, or event which someone had already stated. We are becoming quite the literary elements experts!
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Shannon's Teaching Weeks

Last week and this week have been Shannon's teaching weeks. She has done an amazing job, and we are all so sad that this is her last week. Shannon is an incredible teacher. She has taught us so much, especially author's strategies, good fit books, adjectives, to laugh and be a good friend, and to keep trying and you will get it!!! Our class and Mrs. Langelier's class brainstormed adjectives and a few other words to describe Shannon. She truly represents all of these words!!!!We will be gifting her a print of our work along with a few other gifts to remember us by, and to use in her own classroom, on Friday.
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