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A quarterly associate newsletter (April 2016)

What's New In-store?

Pens - Waterman, Sheaffer, Cross and Lamy

Metro Centrepoint currently offers a few range of well known branded pens such as Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Cross and Lamy to satisfy our shopper’s need for quality writing instruments.

To provide value added services to our shoppers, engraving services is make available as a form of personalized gift ideas for loved ones or as a corporate gifts.

Now available at : Metro Centepoint, Level 3, Men’s Department.

(Contributed by Richael Leow, MCP)

Accessories - Chomel and Denni

To offer more choices to our shoppers, 2 new brands, Denni and Chomel were recently introduced to Metro Woodlands. Here are some brief introduction to the brands.

Chomel (cute or pretty in Malay) is a leading retailer of Fashion Accessories in Singapore. In-store, Chomel offer well edited collections of quality beautiful contemporary classic and trendy accessories at affordable prices. The range of earrings, necklace, pendants, bracelets, brooches, rings, hair accessories and evening bags can be easily mixed and matched. Chomel's accessories are suitable for fashionable women of all ages for everyday wear and for any occasions, including evening glamour and weddings.

Established in 1982, Denni has since been an ever-present brand in the world of fashion accessories. Denni, with their wide jewelry selection of bangles, bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings, will have something for everyone.

So if you happen to be at Woodlands, we invite you to drop by these counters at our store.

(Contributed by Henry Leong, MW)

Associates Activities

MPN Punggol Prawning

The Metro Paragon team organized a ‘relax & fun’ outing at the Punggol Hai Bin Prawning on the 2nd February 2016. Though there was only a few of us, we have had lots of fun.

Straight after a hard day's work, our Branch Manager Joycelyn, together with Victor, Pei Pei, Amy and Susan headed down to Punggol for a 3-hour prawning session.

We battled with the prawns for 3 hours and were very glad to be able to catch two full net of prawns. The wait was well worth.

We are looking forward to the next bonding session.

(Contributed by Hoo Pei Pei, MPN)

Lunar New Year Celebration

Ushering in the New Year with Steamboat @ MPN

Reunion meal plays a significant role in traditional Chinese culture. Families gather together for a family reunion dinner to usher in the New Year with much happiness and prosperity. During this meal, the best foods are served - and in abundance too, as the abundance of food is believed to bring the family great material wealth in the New Year.

Similiarly in Metro Paragon, we want to start the year right believing that together we can bring prosperity and good sales to the store. On the eve of the Chinese New Year, our executive team on duty put together a reunion lunch to usher in a year of abundance in 2016. Huat ah!!!!

(Contributed by Victor Goh, MPN)

'Lo Hei' lunch @ HO

Associates from the Head Office congregated for the annual Lunar New Year Lo Hei on the 22 Mar 2016. Fellow colleagues from Metro Holdings also joined in the celebration.

Opening addresses were made by both Mrs. S.H. Wong (Executive-Chairman) and Mr. David Tang (CEO). This was followed by Lo Hei, (the word Lo Hei, a Cantonese phrase meaning 'tossing up good fortune') which uses raw fish salad, better known as 'Yu Sheng' which symbolizes an 'abundance of prosperity and longevity'.

Associates we spoke to were happy with the celebration and the sumptuous buffet spread which included local delights such as laksa and satay.

Cheers to all for a successful year ahead!

Metro Staff Recreation Club (MSRC) 36th Annual General Meeting & Dinner

The much anticipated MSRC 36th Annual General Meeting (AGM) cum Dinner was held on the 23 Feb 2016 at the Imperial Court Restaurant, The Grassroot Club.

The meeting was called to order by the Honorary Secretary Ms Tang Kwai Sim who also reviewed the agenda followed by reports from the various sub-committees and the confirmation of the Management Committee. The President, Mrs Esther Ang closed the AGM with a short address and reminding all present that the success of the club depends much on the active participation of its members. Dinner and activities commenced soon after.

Excitement and anticipation were high as the lucky draws and table draws were drawn throughout the evening. Many of our members went home with awesome gift of cookingware, hampers and tour trips.

For those who are still hesitating to join MSRC, we encourage you to join now. Monthly activities are lined up to ensure there's activity for everyone's area of interest.

MSRC Movie Night

A night out at the movie was organized on the 29 March 2016 for the movie 'Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice'.

It was the first time that such an event was held at 2 venues, Cathay Causeway Point and Cineleisure, for the convenience of members working at MW and members from the town stores. The highest participation so far, the evening saw a total of 37 members (18 from MW and 19 from MCP & MPN) the movie night at Cathay Causeway Point. 16 non-members also joined us for this movie. Every member paid a subsidized rate of $5.00 with popcorns and drinks built-in.

The review of this highly anticipated movie, Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice was a mixed of both positive and negative feedback. Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled night for our members, their family and friends.

Do come along and join us for the next MSRC movie night out.

(Contributed by Henry Leong, MW)

Workplace Safety & Health

Good housekeeping at work

Why should we pay attention to housekeeping at work?

Effective housekeeping can eliminate workplace hazards and help get job done safely and efficiently. Poor housekeeping frequently contribute to accidents through unseen hazards.

Poor Housekeeping can be a cause of accidents such as -

  • cuts
  • slip, trip and fall
  • hit by falling objects

as well as causes delay in getting work done.

Some benefits of good housekeeping practices include -

  • more effective use of work space
  • lower exposure to slip, trip and fall
  • decrease fire hazard
  • increase work efficiency and productivity
  • a clean, hygienic and healthy environment

Let's start today by practicing good housekeeping with daily cleanup and proper waste disposal.

Metro Employees Agreement

Big image

The Metro Employee Collective Agreement of 2016 was concluded and signed between Metro (Private) Limited and The Singapore Manual & Mercantile Worker's Union (SMMWU), the union representing Metro's employees, on the 18 January 2016.

Present were - from the Union headquarter, Mr John De Payva, the Secretary-General Emeritus of SMMWU and Ms. Chin Swee Tin, Industrial Relations Manager; from the Branch Union, was Amy Lim, Chairman, Tang Kwai Sim, Secretary together with the branch representatives; and Esther Ang, the Head of HR & Admin. and Christine Seng, Sr. HR Executive.

Long Service Award 2015

The Long Service Award is a gesture of appreciation to Metro associates for their contribution and commitment to our Company. Held on 06 January 2016, 34 associates were awarded with the Long Service Certificates and Gifts in recognition for their loyalty and dedication to the Company.

Congratulations to our dedicated loyal associates; we look forward to your many more years in Metro.
Big image

Long Service Award recipients with CEO, Mr David Tang

The List of Long Service Award Recipients

40 Years

Ho Chai Pin Juliet, MW

Ong Ah Yim Lena, Logistic
Siti Zaleha Bte Ithnin, Mdse
Tan Lee Eng Doreen, MCP

35 Years
Mohd Dahlan Bin Mosmen, MPN

30 Years
Chan Sai Eng Jessie, MIS
Abu Bin Yusoff, MPN
Cheng Song Yoke Julia, Mdse

25 Years
Chang Shu Chin, MPN
Yong Mei Har Lorraine, General Admin
Su Wee Na Katherine, HR&A
Tan Sai Gek, MPN

15 Years
Foo Sunissa, Finance
Haslina Binte Ahmad, MW
Herwina Binte Rakiban, MW
Kalithas A/L Arachenan, MCP
Seng Soo Cheng Christine, HR&A
Yeo Boon Kim, MCP
Lim Lay Hoon Veronique, Marketing
Tan Loo See Lucy, MW
Chen Siew Kui June, MPN
Tan Kok Guek Jenny, Mdse
Teo Bee Choo, MW

10 Years
Ang Suay Poey Zann, Mdse
De Silva Ma Argina Caneda, MW
Ang Sor Kuan Joyce, MPN
Tan Lay Lian Sally, MPN
Muhd Riduan Bin Rahim, MW

5 Years
Elma Aquiatan Torrevilla, MW
Gemalyn Pasia Tabora, MW
Martin Ong Kian Seng, MCP
Lum Yew Fong, MW
Ng Shi Qi, MW
Chan Sook Fun Wendy, Finance

Business Analytics in Our Business

You may wonder “What is Business Analytics?” What does the team in Business Analytics do? As you read on, you will get to appreciate what the team is doing.

We keep data. We were even reluctant to shred away data, but can we confidently says that we have use the data to our advantage? We have scores of data in the Company that are often not taken advantage of or utilized for business planning or decision-making.

Business Analytics, to put it simply, is the investigation of available business data to help us gain deeper insight into our customers and every aspect of our business for business planning and decision making. Tableau is a tool deployed by Business Analytics Division to deep dive into the data collected for us to know our way round the business better and fast.

Many of us must have logged into Tableau to look up information in the 9 dashboards that the Business Analytics team has created so far – sales performance, inventory tracking and customer relationship management. Both real time and predictive analytics are deployed by the teams at Metro to guide us in the following functions -

  • In Marketing/CRM, gaining deeper insight into customers and to use the knowledge to plan and execute more relevant, targeted customer communications and marketing campaigns; saving us advertising cost.

  • In Merchandising' analyzing customer’s buying history to develop customer behavior profiles and to determine the types of products are preferred; thereby creating accurate merchandise plans.

  • In Operations, the information of in-store movement and buying behavior of customers, helps us determine key shopping days down to the time of day; to deploy staff to different departments on the sales floor and to organize floor space to stimulate customer purchases.

  • In Supply Chain, to effectively and efficiently manage our inventory costs.

Analytical data that used to take days to crunch is now just a click away. Business analytics has opened up a variety of opportunities for the Company, e.g. reducing inventory of unpopular sizes to avoid overstock situation and to increase stock of popular sizes; savings in markdowns, storage and opportunity costs.

The Business Analytics Division was set up to spearhead the ‘data revolution’. Lead by Erwin Oei, the Head of Business Analytics, the team has since been integrating data analytics into almost every part of our operation. So the next time you meet Erwin, do stop him to ask him questions and to check out what he and his team can do for you and your team.

Shoppers' Scrutiny of Our Services

Commendation for MPN

Customer Ms. J Lim wrote...

On 26 Mar 2016 (Sat), Mrs J. Lim wrote in to complement Ms Peipei, our Retail Executive for her services. Ms Lim wrote:" I am very impressed by Ms Pei Pei for her helpfulness, friendliness and good service. She is a role model of excellent service."

Peipei helped me to carry my clothes hanger to my car at B2, Paragon car park, after putting it nicely in my car, she said, : “look forward to see you again , we have lots of items for your shopping pleasure.” In addition, She also told me she has been with Metro for 12 years. When I praised her for being a loyal employee, She replied that she appreciate Metro for being a good employer.

These extra miles enhance the joy of shopping at Metro Paragon.

Generally Metro Paragon staff are helpful & friendly. It makes a difference shopping at Metro and you will definitely woo many customer to your store..

The attitude & service of your staff give Metro an edge over other departmental stores.

Well done, Metro. Keep it up!

Compliments from customer Ms. J Lim on Ho Pei Pei (Retail Executive, MPN)

Commendation for MCP

Customer Ms.Jenny Ang wrote ...

I would like to compliment Marvin John at Metro Centrepoint for his excellent service that goes beyond his call of duty. I am extremely satisfied with his professionalism as well as very impressed by his knowledge on products-strollers/prams at the nursery department. This is a sale staff hard to come by. I have experienced seeking product information from other staff at the same store but none is as professional, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable like Marvin John.
Marvin John deserves an award for service excellence.

Compliments from customer Ms.Jenny Ang on Marvin John (Customer Service Supervisor, MCP)

A Costly Lesson

Quote from Customer Jasmine's Feedback

"I am suppose to have a home delivery today, Dec 29th between 9am to 1pm. The delivery order is #xxxxx. I have been sitting on my sofa for 4 hours since 9am, not even allowing myself to use the bathroom as I am the only one at home.

For the purpose of this delivery, I took leave and time off; but guess what? Nothing came!

I called the customer service line at Metro (by the way, you need to beef up on the service staff, I had to call so many times before someone answers), and after they checked they said that they are still investigating as they are unsure where the Singpost deliver is....

I don't even care about the whereabouts of the goods now, I am just so angry that I wasted my leave and time to sit at home for 4 hours for nothing.

Opportunity cost is very expensive, how is Metro going to compensate for this?"

Let us learn from our pitfalls and work towards Service Excellence.