#4TDW Newsletter Sept 19, 2016

continuing ed & graduate credit, FAQs, designated tweeters

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Thank you for registering for the 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing! The start of the conference is just two weeks away on Sunday, October 2.

Our line up this year is phenomenal--a tremendous group of scholars and practitioners who will share research, insights, and resources about teaching digital writing. Whether you join us live or watch archived session recordings, there's a lot to learn at the #4TDW! We're glad your voice will be part of the conversation.

-4TDW Conference Planning Committee 2016

Delia DeCourcy, Amber White, Dr. Troy Hicks, Jill Runstrom, Dr. Sue Ann Sharma, Paula Diedrich, Andrea Zellner, Mary Wever, and Dr. Liz Kolb

Earn 2 graduate credits for attendance at the #4TDW

Central Michigan University is offering the option to earn graduate credit for full attendance at the 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing plus some additional coursework with Dr. Troy Hicks, an option available through CMU’s District Designed Professional Development Program.

Register online or by phone. DEADLINE: October 14, 2016

For more information, visit the conference website.

By participating in the virtual conference sessions, Michigan educators can earn between 3 and 24 hours of SCECH’s (attend 3 to 24 sessions) through the University of Michigan.

  • You must attend a minimum of 3 hours of the conference to qualify for the minimum 3 SCECH's.
  • There is no cost to apply for SCECH’s, but you must complete the SCECH form on the website within 1 week of attending the conference.
  • To earn SCECHs, you must have an account in Michigan's Secure Central Registry and the MOECs system.
  • To earn credit for a session, attendees must be present for the full 60 minutes.
  • For more information, visit the conference website.
If you're active on Twitter, we want your help! Sign up to tweet during a (or several) conference session to share your learning with the Twitterverse.

All you have to do is sign up on this Google Doc. And we're happy to have more than one designated tweeter per session.

Is the conference really free?

YES! And you can attend as many or as few sessions as you like.

I want to attend a particular session, but I have a conflict. Are these sessions recorded?

YES. The sessions will be archived on this website and you will also receive links to the session recordings in a newsletter post-conference. To see last year's Conference Archive, click here.

Do you have a certificate or some form to show attendance or participation?Unfortunately, due to the high rate of registration and very limited personnel, we can not provide attendance certificates to attendees. Your options are graduate credit and Michigan educators can apply for SCECHs.

What devices can I use to attend the virtual conference.

Blackboard Collaborate works best on laptops, but can also be accessed by mobile phone if you download the Blackboard Collaborate app.

**NOTE: Blackboard Collaborate is not compatible with Chromebooks.**

Where can I find the links to the live sessions?
You will receive links to all the webinar rooms the morning of each conference day. These links will also be posted to the Conference Schedule pages the morning the sessions are happening.

How do I test to make sure I can access Blackboard Collaborate?

Visit this page of the conference website for instructions on how to test Blackboard Collaborate on your computer. For a step by step tutorial about how to access Blackboard Collaborate conference sessions, watch the video below.

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Questions? Contact delia.decourcy@oakland.k12.mi.us

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