Sleeping Like a PRO!

The Halachot of Sleeping and the Meaning Behind it

What do we say in bed before we go to sleep?

Each night when you go to bed you should say Ribono Shel Olam which is a prayer in Krias Shema Al Hamita. This is important to say because when you say it you are saying that you forgive anyone that has wronged you during the day. This is an important Tefilla because if someone gets a punishment because you didn't forgive them then you won't be let into Hashem's boundaries in Shamayim when you go to Olam Haba!

Don't miss out! Put your PJs on the right way and get a Mitzvah to go with it!

Say Krias Shma nightly!

Krias Shma Al Hamitah is the Shma and Tefillos thet go with it before we go to sleep. First you should say Ribono Shel Olam. Then comes the Shema. There are three paragraphs listed in a siddur or a Krias Shema She'al Hamita. We say Hashkivanoo next. The last thing that we say is Hamapil, and the reason why is because once we say Hamapil we are not allowed to eat, drink, talk, etc. There are other Tefillos that we can say but these are the most important parts of the Krias Shma Al Hamitah.

Did you know?

You should not use clothes as your pillow because it can make you forget things!

Fun Fact!

There are many reasons why we recite "The Bedtime Shema." One of which, we should fall asleep saying the words of Torah!

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