how do they live? By: Marley hall

Where did they live?

The Wichita people were originally from Southern Oklahoma, and Northern Texas. After the Europeans arrived they pushed the Wichita people more toward Kansas. Most Wichita people are living in Oklahoma now.

What type of food did they eat?

Woman worked together to harvest corn, beans, squash, and pumpkins. Men hunted deer and when in season they would hunt buffalo. They would also gather fruit and nuts.

Type of dwelling they lived in?

They live in a house that kind of looks like a round tepee. It is made out of straw and mud.

Weapons and tools?

They used axes, shovels, bow and arrows, and knives.


A tradition almost everyone did was draw on their face or known as "tattooed face." They were very "showy" and the men would wear small clothing of cloth and the women wore short skirts.

Where are they now?

They are located in Oklahoma some are on the boarder of Texas and Oklahoma and Kansas.

A unique fact?

A unique fact in my opinion is that a title for the men are "raccoon eyed" because the tattoos around their eyes look like raccoon eyes.